49, Sales Manager 

Fave Fitness Accomplishment: I finished 2 IRONMAN races in 3 weeks. I did IM Chattanooga and then IM Louisville with a weekend break in between.  

Most Memorable Race: Ragnar Northwest Passage from Vancouver to Seattle. We did it as an ultra team—6 girls in one van. By the end, we were delirious and super stinky! 

I <3 Racing: The friendships I have built along the way are bigger than any accomplishments that I have achieved. Some friendships are long-lasting ones, the ones who pick you up when nothing is going right. The ones who when you say, “I have an idea” are all in. Others are “trail angels” you meet during a race.  

Motivation: I used to get terrible migraines. Working out helps keep them at bay.

Bucket List: A 100 mile run

Must-Have Gear: I love gadgets…right now it is my WHOOP Strap to measure strain, recovery, and sleep.

Bingeing: Frasier got me through the pandemic. Never gets old.

Dream Dinner Date: Desi Arnaz. He was an innovator in television and so many other things. People only associate him with I Love Lucy, but he was a pioneer. I would love to hear the stories he could tell.

On My Nightstand: Out and Back by Hillary Allen, about how she nearly died during a race and how she came back to running.

Indulgence: Pasta and red wine. And, nothing beats a post workout cold beer (preferably a sour).

Photo by Tindall Stephens