39, Kindergarten Teacher at Highland Day School

Bragging Rights: I have participated in the Memphis Road Race Series in 2018/2019, St. Jude Half Marathon 2018/2019, the Germantown Half Marathon 2019, and the Memphis in May Half Marathon 2019.

Starting Line: My husband and I had devoted many years of our life to fertility treatments, which brought us a beautiful family, but exercise had taken a backseat during these busy times. I decided I needed to carve out some time each day for me to work on my health. 

Cross Train: I love running but needed to incorporate more into my routine to build core strength and stability. A year ago, I began lifting weights with trainer Todd Hinton.

Comeback Story: Strength is important to my health due to a previous back surgery from two ruptured and herniated disc. After a year of lifting, I have made such improvements to my physical composition, strength, stability, endurance, and running pace.

I <3 Weights: I love building strength and finding ways to better myself physically and mentally. Strength training has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone, push myself to new heights, and never give up on what makes me happy. Feeling strong, lifting weights, and being healthy helps me stay focused and positive on a daily basis.

Fitness Motivation: Daily exercise helps me be a better wife, mother, and teacher. It isn’t always easy to set that 5 am alarm or come home from a day of teaching and hit the gym, but I have found that I am a better version of myself.

Go-To Gear: My Apple watch and AfterShokz headphones are a must! 

Bucket List: Run the Key West Half Marathon. (Seriously, my favorite vacation spot!)

Indulgence: Regular manicures and pedicures.

Dream Dinner Date: Princess Diana—I would love to ask her how she found her inner strength, survived the criticisms in the media, and became so comfortable with herself.

Favorite Eats: I love Southern Social! The harvest salad and seared scallops are always delicious.

Interview by Laurenne Hom. Photo by Tindall Stephens.