Runner, 44, Marketing Director for the Memphis in May International Festival

Married 19 years in June with 3 cats and no kids


Bragging Rights

In the last eight years, I’ve completed 27 half marathons and six full marathons (including the Chicago Marathon three times and the Marine Corps Marathon once). While I never placed or won, my half marathon finishes were consistently in the top 12%–15% until recently when injuries slowed me down.

Fun Run

The New Orleans Rock & Roll Half Marathon has a fast, flat course, and there are so many great places to eat while you’re there. I’ve run it five times.

I <3 Running

No expensive equipment or other people needed. It’s a chance to think, pray, and clear your head. By yourself or with a group, running is a stress reliever without a prescription! 


My waistline. Fitness is cheaper than buying bigger clothes. Plus, my wife is a multiple Ironman. While I have no desire to do those, I also have no excuse to sit around while she stays active. 

Next Challenge

I’d like to run the Memphis in May Great American River Run Half Marathon, but I will be working the event. Instead, I’ll be at the Navy 10 Nautical Miler the following weekend. 

Go-To Gear

I highly recommend Superfeet insoles because I’m flat-footed and they work great for me in all my shoes without the cost of custom orthotics.

Obstacle Course

The only hardship I experience is getting out of the bed every morning at 4:15 to run or hit the gym.

Favorite Get-Away

After nearly every marathon, my wife and I fly straight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to enjoy a recovery week on the beach and in the resort restaurants. The DR isn’t as hot as Playa del Carmen, and it’s an easy flight compared to other Caribbean destinations. Your legs feel better after a week of laying on the beach.

Best Eats

There are so many choices! The lamb chops at The Capital Grille, the Tinga Nachos at Maciel’s Taco Shop downtown, the pulled pork at Central BBQ, the chili at Bogie’s in East Memphis….


Reading and cooking because they’re both stress relievers and entertainment. In the last three years, I’ve read 260 books, and my desserts are sought after among my friends and family.