Cyclist; 50; Division Chief, Program Director, and Professor of Gynecologic Oncology at The West Cancer Center and Research Institute and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Favorite Weekend Warrior Event: The Ride 2 Rosemary (R2R) combines faith, devotion, a retreat, cycling, and exposure to suffering; humility; grace; and awareness of those synergistic gifts from God that occur when you give unselfishly to others.

I <3 Cycling: These days I am mainly just having fun and enjoy the camaraderie and health benefits of cycling. I love to try to keep up with my friends who are amazing cyclist, solid altruistic individuals, and much better in competitions than me. I wish I could ride every day.

Fitness Motivation: Look at me, I clearly need to do better. I hope it helps me live a better life through health. It essentially serves as a form of meditation for me. I like to believe my wife finds me more attractive when I am keeping in shape. There is no stronger motivation than keeping my wife happy!

Next Ride: The Fight On weekend always feels like a competition. It’s a weekend event that asks the Memphis community to Fight Cancer through cycling, running, and walking. It’s a celebration for cancer patients and survivors. 

Get-Away: I pretty much love the mountains, ocean, and recently France. That said, I am happy anywhere when I am with friends and family.

Gourmet on the Go: When on the R2R, we consider that a moveable feast. Hog Wild with Ernie Mellor and his team with Schuyler Obrien cannot be beaten. I mean serious gourmet every day as we ride our bikes from Tennessee, through Mississippi and Alabama, and then arrive in Florida. What an exquisite delicious treat and it’s our little secret on the ride.

Spirit Animal: Hummingbird according to my Patronus, but I wish it was a cheetah.

Quote: “Be a man for others in all you do.”—St Ignatius