Mother-daughter duo Lisa Glover, 53, and Constance Anderson, 33, came to the Transformation Doctor in 2017 after being fed up with health issues stemming from their weight. In two years, the pair has lost a combined 135 pounds.

What jumpstarted your weight-loss journey?
My health was spiraling backward, and my mom was concerned with issues like becoming pre-diabetic. I had also had high blood pressure since I was 13. My health continued to get worse with pain, nose bleeds, and other issues. It was getting out of hand.

How did you end up at the Transformation Doctor?
I did the research and was trying to find places for my mom and me to go. I came across the Transformation Doctor, and we stopped in on a Saturday. They were so welcoming. We met with the owner who talked to us about our situations, and we were sold from there. That was July 22, 2017.

How has your health improved since then?
Our health is great, and my blood pressure is wonderful. I don’t have any nose bleeds. Combined, we have lost at least 135 pounds, which is more than 60 pounds for each of us.

How has your lifestyle changed?
We altered our diet, but really our whole approach to eating is different. If we want a cheat meal, we’ll have it, but it’s not like we’re going to have another one right away. We do walk, but mainly it’s our eating habits that have totally changed. We wanted to get that down first before focusing on exercise.

What does your diet look like?
My mom has always been someone to try to count calories, but I don’t like it. When I introduced her to low carb, she thought she could get on board with it. We don’t eat bread or sugar or drink much else besides water. We eat a lot of vegetables, and I am now a pescatarian. My mom still eats meat, but more white meats like chicken and turkey.

What was your plan like with the Transformation Doctor?
We started with a three-day detox, eliminating sugar, cheeses, breads, etc. It was straight clean eating for three days with lots of spinach and green, leafy vegetables. Then we moved to the second phase and began to introduce certain foods back in. The last phase is where the lifestyle begins. You can eat the foods that were in phase two, but we just had to be careful with our carb intake. If we start to fall off a bit or feel a little off, we’ll still incorporate the detox into our lifestyle.

How has this changed your life?
We feel like totally different people. This has been a wonderful experience being able to change our lifestyle, stick with it, and enjoy it.

By Christin Yates. Photo by Tindall Stephens.