Most days, you’ll find Dannon Eubanks outside – that is if you can track her down. She’s been found running 24 miles for her 24th birthday, tackling a one-mile loop in the dark for hours on end, or traversing an ultramarathon through the Smoky Mountains. More often, she’s climbing at Memphis Rox, kickboxing at the Kroc, jogging with her dog Toast, or playing on her co-ed soccer team. It would be fair to say if Dannon is an athlete, endurance is her sport.

Like many of our readers who like to be healthy and fit inside and out, Dannon finds fulfillment and energy through these endeavors most every day. However, as a unique spin, Dannon also ties her health and fitness goals to the larger community – more specifically through volunteerism.

“Like all athletes, continuous improvement is huge for me,” said Dannon. “I ask myself how I can be a better athlete and a better Memphian. With this, I challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone in the gym and step up to meet community needs through volunteerism.”

Dannon’s volunteerism knows no bounds. On any given day, she might be running with kiddos at Youth Villages, playing basketball with differently-abled participants, working in the community garden at Memphis Rox, or volunteering with the V&E Greenline (who recently honored her with the Mary Wilder Award for Organizational Excellence).

Dannon is the Director of Community Engagement at Volunteer Odyssey, a volunteer center for the Memphis area. They specialize in connecting volunteers with their ideal volunteer opportunities based on their interests, skills, and talents.

“I love how Volunteer Odyssey encourages me to volunteer and gives me the opportunity to connect others to meaningful volunteer opportunities,” she said. “If you’re looking for a way to be active and give back, Volunteer Odyssey has numerous ways you can get involved.”

Dannon adds that time shouldn’t be an obstacle as many of their opportunities are for drop-in volunteers and can be as short as 1-2 hours.

“We can all take better care of our bodies and our communities and you can do both through volunteerism,” Dannon said. “As with most fitness goals, volunteerism is even more rewarding when your family and friends are involved. Invite your running group, your climbing partner, and your family or friends.”

If you’re ready to find the intersection of your fitness journey and your volunteer journey, Dannon would love to be your coach. Email Dannon at to start your next set – one that’ll strengthen you and your community. If you’re ready to jump right in, you can sign up through

Jeff Hulett is a freelance writer, musician, and PR consultant in Memphis. He lives in the Vollintine Evergreen 38 neighborhood with his wife Annie, two girls Ella and Beatrice, and dog Chalupa.