These days, health and fitness no longer begin and end with what we eat and how much we move. They spill over into all areas of our lives, including where we live – a notion that is familiar to Peterson Wellford, 31.

As a REALTOR®, health and fitness enthusiast, and sibling of someone with allergies, he understands the importance of a home that makes you feel your best. He’s seen firsthand how having the right environment — one that limits dust — improved his brother’s ability to breathe and function. Additionally, he knows the positive mental impact a home can have.

Today’s Trends

Peterson’s personal experiences further help him connect with real estate clients who care about their overall wellness. The addition of skylights and more windows is a popular health-based design choice Peterson is seeing people make. “More and more, we’re reading and learning about how being outside or being in the sunshine can be an energy booster and improve your mood and how you’re feeling that day. It really can be a game-changer even if it’s only for five minutes,” he says. Natural light was so important to one buyer, Peterson says she requested to know which side of the street a house she was considering sat on. “The buyers wanted to make sure they were going to get a lot of good light throughout the day because she worked from home,” he explains.

Indoor air quality is another common concern for many. Peterson advises inspecting for mold and testing for a high level of radon, both of which can negatively affect air quality and health. Because of what he saw his brother go through, he also suggests having your air ducts cleaned. He says, “You would be surprised at how much dust and buildup can get in there, and that’s what you’re breathing in all the time. Little things that you don’t even see can make the biggest difference in your quality of life.”

A fun emerging trend he’s seeing is the desire to have a sauna at home. “I have friends who installed a sauna in their home themselves, and they bought it at Costco. It’s fabulous,” he says. “They say it has totally changed their whole routine within their home.”

If you’re looking for additional guidance on how to cultivate a home that protects and promotes wellness, consider reviewing the Healthy Living System™ by Wellness Within Your Walls®, an organization designed to educate homeowners and home-industry professionals on best practices for healthy abodes and communities. The Healthy Living System™ examines 10 ways in which our homes and wellness can merge, such as through chemical control (what we bring in, build with), food science (energy-efficient appliances, cabinets made without formaldehyde), and more.

Taking Care of Himself

When not helping his real estate clients buy and sell homes, you’ll probably find Peterson pursuing his other passion – group fitness instruction. He leads classes at Higher, a new studio offering access to the VersaClimber, a rock-climbing-inspired machine that celebrities like LeBron James are said to love, and at both CycleBar® locations in Memphis.

A former competitive swimmer, Peterson loves to challenge himself in health, fitness, and beyond. In addition to taking at least one climbing and one indoor cycle class a week at the studios he teaches at, he also strength trains for muscle growth three to four times a week, a new component of his routine. “I’m excited to see what I can do in that area,” he says.

Peterson also recently started to increase his protein intake and reduce his sugar consumption thanks to a new nutrition plan. He explains, “I believe that we’re ever-evolving and that if you ever get comfortable where you are in your relationships or in your career, you’re just going to get stagnant.”

Peterson Wellford, REALTOR® Myers Cobb Realtors Cell: 901.219.9472 • Office: 901.552.4036 • Instagram: @pwellford

By Alexandra McCray
Photo by Tindall Stephens