The Multi-passionate Health Creative • Founder of Amah Nutrition & Wellness

Born and raised in Memphis, Ayanna Campbell describes her wellness journey as intentional and unconventional. Her drive for truth and wellness began with her desire for medicine and led her to study academic nutrition research, clinical dietetics, outpatient nutrition therapy, yoga, spirituality, and holistic nutrition. Today, she is a registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and step aerobics instructor. Ayanna constantly teaches herself that the reward is in the journey, not the destination. She believes her multi-passionate nature has curated a life rich in wellness practices authentic to her soul. 

As a self-described multi-passionate health creative, Ayanna approaches wellness and health from a well-rounded perspective. She is an active member of the Trayne Fit Athletic Club, where she teaches step aerobics. Ayanna is also a dedicated yogi with a passion for the intentional practice of yoga. She deepened her yoga practice through Dwi Pada Yoga School and taught Ashtanga Yoga at Mind Body HAUS for two years. She currently teaches vinyasa for Tom Lee Park. 

Ayanna offers her expertise in nutrition and exercise to clients through her business, Amah Nutrition & Wellness. Through Amah Nutrition & Wellness, Ayanna’s goal is to meet you where you are using nutrition counseling, nourishment, and movement therapy to help you reach your goals. She hopes to provide diverse support for a realistic lifestyle change. 

Currently, Ayanna is focused on offering her yoga and cardio/strength-focused body movement services to the community, with plans to provide her nutrition services more publicly this winter. She hopes to create freedom for herself and others through fitness and healthy life habits. In the future, Ayanna would love to open a wellness center that houses her main interests, such as nutrition counseling, yoga, and cardio/strength-based body movement. In her everyday life, she would love for almost all of her time to be spent serving others in wellness spaces and being able to provide diverse support from anywhere in the world. 

By Lucy Modzelewski 

Photo by Avery Amstutz 

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