Owner of Pure Barre Germantown and East Memphis and The Sweat House

Family: Lawrence Laurenzi (married 10 years), Landon (4), and Logan (8 months)

I took my first Pure Barre class in Nashville and the rest is history! Pure Barre is a series of low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your entire body. I loved the challenge of each class, the results I saw within the first month, and the community atmosphere.

I do Pure Barre 5x/week with a mix of Classic, Reform (resistance training class), and Empower (cardio class). On the weekends, I try to stay active with my kids either walking, riding bikes, or playing sports with my oldest.

My typical daily diet includes

Breakfast: Egg whites, Dave’s Killer toast with almond butter, and coffee with collagen

Snack: Nuts or RX bar

Lunch: Homemade protein bar or avocado toast

Snack: Homemade protein muffins, veggies with hummus, or Daily Harvest smoothie

Dinner: Salmon with kale and brussel sprout salad is my go-to

Dessert: 2 Dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s

My guilty pleasures are ice cream and margaritas! 

I enjoy following Katrina from Tone it Up. She is real and values the importance of working out to be healthy and feel good. She does not promote an unhealthy and unrealistic image that is so prevalent in the world.

Barre classes are underrated. If you have taken a class you know! The movements are small but extremely effective. Your muscles get so fatigued that they shake. It is a total body workout that strengthens and tones every area like no other.

My favorite workout move is the lunge! It is always such a challenge but worth it.

Exercise makes me feel good physically and mentally. On days I don’t work out, my mood suffers and it affects everyone around me. I exercise to stay healthy and strong, relieve stress, and keep up with my boys!

My advice to newbies is just like anything new: it takes several classes to pick up the technique. Ask your teacher questions because they are there to help you learn. Also, look at how you feel and notice how your clothes start to fit instead of what your watch or scale says.

Both of my sons are miracles from in vitro fertilization, and we suffered several miscarriages before getting pregnant with our second son. It was truly the toughest two years emotionally, but we are so fortunate to now have happy healthy boys! I put our entire journey on my blog Prettyactivelife.com for anyone interested that might be going through the same struggles. 

I just did my first Hydrafacial with Maria at Pavo and it was amazing! I also can’t live without the infrared saunas at The Sweat House. The detox, stress relief, and anti-aging benefits are amazing. 

People would be surprised to know that I was a Junior Olympic Gymnast.

My spirit animal is the lion because they are strong, feisty, and passionate.

Interview by Amy Goode. Photo by Taylor Tartera.