Fitness Trainer at Versatile Action Fitness

My dad was always into fitness and started taking me to the gym with him when I was around six. I always played sports and with fitness being a passion, becoming a trainer was a natural transition.

I do a split routine and a little bit of everything to keep my body well rounded.

Monday: Hit all muscle groups on the upper body

Tuesday: Back, triceps, and biceps

Wednesday: Chest, shoulders, and biceps

Thursday: Just shoulders and triceps

Friday: Always leg day.

I love doing dumbbell and barbell curls. I have to keep those arms on point!

My daily diet is… My go-to for breakfast is always oatmeal, but if I have a lot of time between clients, I like to eat a big breakfast. I sometimes go to IHOP and get a grilled chicken omelet with veggies and breakfast potatoes, or I might go to Sunrise Memphis and get pancakes and turkey sausage.

I meal prep for lunch and dinner, which includes grilled chicken tenders, brown rice, and steam broccoli. For a snack, I have blueberry Greek yogurt, and I always have a banana before or after a workout.

I love pizza on cheat days. It’s a must!

I have always looked up to Bruce Lee. His physical strength and power were amazing for his stature.

The plank is the most underrated exercise. It all starts with the core.

My legs get neglected most. I always wait until the end of the week to train them.

I can’t live without my Nike Air Max—comfortable and stylish.

I workout to look good and feel good—that keeps me motivated.

I injured my lower back going too heavy on deadlifts and not focusing on form. Recovering from that took a lot of perseverance.

My advice to newbies is to make sure you stay hydrated before and after workouts. Master the basics first. Build strength and perfect your form before trying to lift heavy.

People would be surprised to know that I model and have my own fitness apparel line

My spirit animal is the lion. It’s a beautiful animal and very powerful. I think I embody that. Also, It was my high school mascot.

Interview by Amy Goode. Photo by Tindall Stephens.