57, Software developer at The DSW Group

Long Haul: I lived in Atlanta for over 30 years by the AJC Peachtree Road Race 10K, which is the largest in the world. In 1991 a co-worker and I decided to give it try. This year, if held, will be my 29th year running.

Bragging Rights: I’ve completed 92 marathons, 10 full Iron-distance triathlons, and one 50-mile race—all of which I feel demonstrate perseverance and mental fortitude.

I <3 Running: Running is a sport that travels well, is great for sorting out life’s problems, and is the best way I know to offset my love of food and drink.

Motivation: Using the carrot and stick metaphor, staying fit translates to being more competitive in races. And my bride reminds me that if I didn’t run a ton, I’d weigh a ton.

Inspiration: My bride. And pretty much anyone else who never gives up and pushes themself to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. The folks you read about still going at it at 90+ years—those are my sports idols.

Obstacle Course: After completing an IRONMAN and three marathons in four consecutive weekends, the result was a torn meniscus in one knee and bursitis in the other (I know, go figure). The remedy was a lot of time off running and some good physical therapy to loosen up the too-tight muscles causing the problems.

Best Eats: I’ll go to breakfast at the Arcade for their Eggs Redneck and sit in the Elvis booth. Brunch at Rizzo’s with the Banderas—lots of food and add their mimosa bottle service. Then we’ll go to dinner at the Majestic Grille. I love their grilled pork tenderloin with glazed carrots and mashed potatoes. Give me a red blend wine with that and I’m in dining heaven. 

Spirit Animal: I’d have to say the Tiger, probably because it was my childhood stuffed animal and my dad used to call me Terry the Tiger.

Mantra: “Am I better today than I was yesterday?”