Runner, 61, Math teacher at Lausanne Collegiate School, husband, father, and grandfather

I recently finished the 2017 St. Jude Marathon for the first time in 3:31:40. What an incredible event!

There are so many formal and informal groups to run with in Memphis! I have met many awesome people through the sport. Joel Lyons, Bob Wilson, Tim Verner, and I regularly run together with other Pilgrims. The Germantown Thoroughbreds is a fantastic group for Sunday runs, and I appreciate the many Breakaway Runs offered throughout the year.

A favorite fitness accomplishment was setting a few local MRTC age group records this past fall in the Road Race Series.

I love the simplicity and flexibility of running. There is something primal about it that is hard to explain. I also enjoy the challenge and excitement of competition. Most of all, I appreciate the many friends and acquaintances I have met through the strong running community here in Memphis. 

I am particularly excited to run the Boston Marathon this April with many Memphis and Maine friends, as well as my daughter Eileen, a first-time qualifier. 

I run in Nike Pegasus shoes and with my Garmin HR-Plus (math nerd).

My bucket list includes biking with my wife Kathy across the USA in 2019, and we also want to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.

Thanks to Paul Sax and Barry Roberson, I was fortunate enough to have dinner with two running legends this fall, Bill Rogers and Dave Wottle. This would be hard to top, but the teacher in me would love to have dinner with Albert Einstein.

Most people don’t know about my love of basketball. I spent every winter in Maine either playing or coaching for 40 consecutive years from 13 to 52. Kathy and our children were all excellent players!

My vice is potato chips. I can hear a bag being opened anywhere within 100 meters and have been known to ask for them in my sleep.