Julié Valencia: 24, Coach at Orangetheory Fitness and personal trainer

Lewis Edwards, II: 23, Fitness manager and Coach at Orangetheory Fitness

Zodiac signs: Julié-Capricorn, Lewis-Sagittarius

How they met: Their love story began in high school. Lewis attended Julié’s birthday party with a mutual friend, and the pair has been together since. Julié attended Bartlett High School and Lewis went to Arlington High School, but that didn’t stop them from being together. They recently became engaged over Christmas and plan to marry this month.

Their fitness journey: Julié has been involved with martial arts since she was eight and eventually earned her black belt. “I like to ask people, ‘Have you met my little friend?’” Lewis says of his 4-foot-11 fiancé. “She may be small, but she’s very tough.”

Lewis, 6-foot-3, was a standout football player in high school until he tore his ACL in senior year. He later walked on at the University of Memphis where they both attended college and graduated in May 2017.

Both Lewis and Julié majored in Exercise Sport Science because of their love of fitness and helping other people lead healthier lives. About two years ago, a family friend approached Lewis about coaching at Orangetheory Fitness (OTF). After trying a few classes, he jumped at the opportunity. Julié was introduced to OTF soon after and became a coach as well. Both are also sponsored athletes for Nutrishop on Germantown Parkway.

Their workouts: Both take classes at OTF three times per week weightlift at ATC Fitness. They also compete in NPC competitions, Lewis in physique and Julié in figure. “Our workouts vary depending on whether we’re prepping for a show or not,” says Julié.

Their Diets: During competition prep, their diets are strict. They eat six or seven small, clean meals per day that usually consist of tilapia, salmon, and “tons” of vegetables. They always allow themselves one cheat meal per week during the 15-week prep season.

What’s Next? Julié is planning to go back to school for her second degree in nursing to combine her love of health and medicine with helping others. The couple is also planning to do another fitness show and is excited for their wedding. “We’re having our reception in the restaurant where we met, which will be really special,” says Julié. “I describe Lewis as my big old teddy bear. He’s a big guy and can look intimidating, but he’s really a goofball.”

By Christin Yates

Photo by Tindall Stephens