Runner, 24, UTHSC Physical Therapy Student, Houston High’s Girls Lacrosse Coach

I just ran St. Jude for the fourth time and hit my own personal record, 4:23. I run every year as a hero. I usually try to run with Breakaway training group for it. I had always been a solo runner until I started training with my best friend Megan! Now I’m training for the Little Rock Marathon. This will be my sixth!   

Every time I run a marathon it feels like a new accomplishment, but I will say the first time I was able to do a full push up was one of my biggest successes.

Staying fit gives me something to be proud of. It gives me the energy to be up and going all day and gives me a break from the long hours of studying. 

I have three pairs of the Brooks Glycerin 15 in three different colors. They are the best! Can’t run without my Apple watch using the Strava app and my Bluetooth headphones. I’m usually in head to toe Lululemon (it’s an addiction).

Even though I started running for the wrong reasons, I never thought it would be in my future. I started with one goal: lose as much weight as possible. I did not care if I died trying. I fell into a severe eating disorder and barely had enough energy to exercise. I went from a size 8 to barely fitting in a 00.  I overcame that and learned that being healthy, not skinny, made me the fun, happy, and beautiful Jordan I am supposed to be. 

If I could have dinner with anyone famous it would be Ellen DeGeneres. Do I even have to explain why? She’s Ellen.

I could eat Mexican food every day. Las Delicias is my favorite: tortilla soup with a side of rice and way too much chips and salsa. And no good Mexican dinner is complete without a margarita!

I’m obsessed with looking at the weather. I know way too much about weather, and if the tornado sirens are going off, I am 100% in the closet. Sunrise and sunset are the best. In college, I would wake up at 4:30 am to drive into the mountains and see the sunrise.