By Shlomit Ovadia 
Photo by Tindall Stephens 

Panorama Movement is an educational women’s training facility that empowers people to embody self-expression through movement, becoming health-conscious, creative, and ambitious trailblazers. 

“Finding movement outside of training—fitnessing— in ways that intuitively felt right has gotten me closer to myself and self-awareness,” says the founder, Britt Bailey

Moving Better: A Priority 

A Functional Range Conditioning-certified expert by trade, Britt opened Panorama just this past September. Her educational background in behavioral neuroscience and ample teaching experience in mobility-focused and strength-building training came together during a life-changing trip to Joshua Tree Desert in California. 

She now finds meaning in creating a safe learning space that encourages women to improve their overall health in an individualized, holistic, and non-judgmental way. 

The center offers a variety of strength and mobility performance enhancers, led by a team of staff who specialize in different areas of expertise, from barbells to joint health. 

“Often, traditional training can stifle creativity, and every woman deserves access to her body outside strict training.” 

Panorama’s highly personalized approach means that each body entering the facility works from an individualized starting point. 

“Everyone in the class is working towards the same skill but may be doing different movements to get there depending on where their bodies are.” 

Their Offerings 

Panorama offers self-defense, functional movement, yin-based yoga and breathwork, intuitive somatic strength, metabolic conditioning, gymnastic fundamentals, barbell fundamentals, kettlebell techniques, and other introductory, beginner-friendly adult classes. 

Courses are geared towards physical longevity, spine health, flexibility, muscle stability, pelvic floor health, and injury prevention in a way that maximizes your body’s abilities and unique mechanics. 

No Shoes Policy 

Panorama recommends training barefoot to build stronger foot muscles. 

“Our ability to press the whole body away from the ground and express the full spectrum of hip-joint movement relies heavily on feet functionality.” 

Community Building 

Serving as a safe starting point for all women’s bodies, Panorama’s class structure and philosophy naturally foster a special sense of community, where women can practice in a judgment-free zone as new learners. 

While kettlebell and Kinstretch® classes are co-ed, most of Panorama’s offerings are female-only. 

Move Younger 

“Mobility training teaches the body to move in creative ways that replicate those of a younger human, so we can create longevity and increase health span.” 

The gym trades the mindset of exercising for aesthetics and volume for a desire to help nourish the body so that it feels and moves better. 

TRY IT BEFORE YOU BIND IT: $39 for two weeks of unlimited classes. 

NEW MEMBER SPECIAL: $59 for your first month, and subsequent months are $125, with a no-commitment, cancel anytime policy. 

For those looking to jumpstart their movement practice, stay tuned for Camp Athena, Panorama’s upcoming eight-week training course for women. Activities include educational strength, balance, and conditioning, as well as healing circles. / IG: P_movemynt