At just 27 years old, Ashleigh Hayes is racking up the credits. For seven years she’s been passionately involved in fitness and is an Inferno Hot Pilates instructor at the Sol Studio. Her passion has spilled over into founding her own line of eco-friendly yoga and Pilates essentials, Drip. And if you thought she wasn’t busy enough, Ashleigh is also a first-year doctoral student and a Legislative Research Analyst for the Memphis City Council.

Bent on the Burn

Ashleigh began Inferno Hot Pilates in 2017 as a fitness challenge with a friend. It turned out to be the perfect training regimen to strengthen, tone, and stretch her body and mind. She has now been teaching Inferno Hot Pilates at the Sol Studio Memphis for almost a year. 

Inferno Hot Pilates was founded in 2009 by Gabriella Walters. In a room heated to 95 degrees with 40% humidity and upbeat music, participants challenge themselves to a full-body workout. It involves low-impact, high-intensity moves that derive from traditional Pilates. 

The SōL Studio

Due to COVID-19, the SōL Studio Memphis, located in Overton Square, now offers virtual classes in addition to studio classes. A mask must be worn upon entering and exiting. The class is limited to 25% occupancy to maintain social distancing practices, and pre-registration is required. 

As an instructor, Ashleigh looks forward to meeting each student where they are and creating a safe space for them to push themselves. She uses Pilates as a pathway to transform the body and mind connection. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing students feel empowered, motivated, and inspired. She strives to know all students by name.  

Dropping Soon

Drip is a line of yoga and Pilates essentials that released this month. The Drip Yoga Mat is a 5 mm eco-friendly mat perfected for hot yoga and hot Pilates. The polyurethane top layer is designed to absorb moisture to help maintain grip while you sweat. The natural rubber base provides cushioning and a textured grip for low-sweat practices. The Drip Yoga Towel is made of microfiber and complements the mat by providing a flat, smooth anti-slip layer. Drip also offers a water bottle to keep you hydrated during your practice.

By Halle Griggs. Photo by Tindall Stephens.

Check out Drip, @shopfordrip

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