Audrey S. Geyer, 30, was doing everything “right” at age 22: eating clean, working out six days a week, and subscribing to everything the health and fitness industry told her she should be doing. But, despite her best efforts, she wasn’t feeling like her best self, suffering from fatigue, high stress, and Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid.

On top of all that, she was also struggling with mental health issues ranging from body dysmorphia to increased ADHD symptoms to intense anxiety, and at one point, she thought she had bipolar disorder. Feeling frustrated and defeated, Audrey sought help and was diagnosed with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which causes increased psychological issues between ovulation and menstruation.

A self-described arts and humanities kid, Audrey never imagined a health or science-focused career for herself. However, once she was diagnosed with PMDD, her interest was piqued, and she began educating herself on the complexities of women’s hormonal health.

Over the last eight years, she’s cultivated a lifestyle centered around understanding her menstrual cycle and using her hormones to her advantage – so much so that she’s been in remission from Hashimoto’s and has been free of all PMDD symptoms. Now, she’s passionate about helping other women take the same control of their health.

Audrey established her own business as a high-performance women’s health coach in 2020 and focused on helping women understand the importance of their menstrual and hormonal health. “I care so deeply about women and women’s health,” Audrey says. “I want all women to recognize that health is not a separate part of life – it’s how you approach everything you do and elevate your well-being in every part of your life.”

Audrey is a girl’s girl through and through. She brings a fresh perspective to the conversation around women’s health, a topic that is still considered somewhat taboo. One visit to her Instagram page speaks volumes: you’ll see a genuine, educated woman speaking candidly about cervical mucus, PMS, and other facets of women’s health that are often swept under the rug.

“If you had told me that when I was 30, I would be speaking publicly about menstruation and female hormones, I would not have believed you,” Audrey laughs. But however unexpected her career path is, Audrey’s authentic, relatable approach to women’s health education is a saving grace for her clients and thousands of her Instagram followers.

Memphis women seeking to understand their hormones better and achieve their wellness goals can work with Audrey in various ways, from one-on-one coaching to group sessions. She’s preparing to launch “Synch Your Strength” in collaboration with Kendyll Marie of Shed Fitness in the coming months. Audrey and Kendyll will work with participants over the course of 12 weeks to learn how to strength-train from a female physiology-focused approach, giving them tools they need to continue taking care of their bodies in a sustainable, empowering way.

Follow Audrey on Instagram @audreysgeyer to stay up to date on the launch of Synch Your Strength, as limited spots will be available.

By Lucy Modzelewski
Photo by Jacob Geyer