When you’re raising five children — one who is still a newborn — and are running a business, how do you ensure you’re taking care of yourself? 

The answer for Jasmin Day, owner of New Day Healing and Wellness and mother of five, is intentional, non-negotiable self-care. 

Jasmin and her husband, Dr. Joshua Day, are passionate about holistic wellness and have spent the last eight years developing a lifestyle grounded in healing. They wanted to build something life-giving for themselves and their family — thus, New Day Healing and Wellness was born. 

Jasmin and Josh opened New Day in October 2022 to establish a center for healing and wellness that fostered community in the Memphis area. In addition to becoming a pillar for the community, it’s also been a source of self-care for Jasmin. 

“I would describe myself as very intentional,” she explains. “It’s the only way to manage being a mom of five and a business owner. So when it comes to self-care, I take a very intentional approach and ensure that taking care of myself isn’t just doing a random face mask here and there — it’s part of my everyday life.” 

Regarding procedures at New Day, Jasmin has a regimen that includes weekly red light therapy, neurofeedback, and infrared sauna. 

She does red light therapy ten minutes a day, twice a week. The red light penetrates to a deep cellular level to improve your mitochondrial function, which results in 

improved circulation, mental acuity, skin health and beauty, recovery and performance, sleep, thyroid health, hair production, and more. 

The neurofeedback has been especially beneficial in helping Jasmin manage postpartum anxiety and depression. Neurofeedback is a brain-training tool that monitors your brainwaves and alerts your central nervous system when changes occur. It trains your brain to function at peak performance levels and is the only system of its kind that teaches brain self-regulation and helps build resilience and flexibility. 

The infrared sauna helps Jasmin to detox and heal her core. Infrared heat is much more gentle than the heat of a traditional sauna and warms the body within you on a cellular level. Jasmin has found that regular usage results in pain relief, reduced stress, weight loss, faster recovery, reduced blood pressure, and glowing skin. 

Outside of New Day’s services, Jasmin has established non-negotiable, intentional moments of self-care throughout her daily routine. 

“Every morning, I have to drink coffee alone while my kids play independently,” she says. “I’ve also stopped focusing on working out and instead focus on having a more active overall lifestyle. Same with dieting — instead of eliminating foods, I’ve focused on nourishing my body and abandoning fad diets.” 

She’s also implemented a 6 p.m. bedtime for all of her children so that she can have some time to herself in the evening to work, relax, and spend time with her husband. 

“Making these lifestyle changes and carving out time for myself during the day is essential to my personal self-care,” she says. 

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For more information, visit Newdaymemphis.com

By Lucy Modzelewski 

Photo by Tindall Stephens