When Doctors Rolando and Melissa Toyos joined forces professionally, their shared mission went far beyond providing traditional vision care. They wanted to change the lives of their patients, contribute to their community, and help educate doctors in the most meaningful and comprehensive ways possible. 

Toyos Clinic is unique because it encompasses three specialties: Vision, Optical, and Facial Cosmetic Surgery. “The amazement people experience after LASIK and cataract surgery never gets old,” Melissa says. While getting rid of glasses, and trading blurry vision for clear is often a life-changing event, the treatment options they offer are more complete. “Our motto,” Melissa Toyos explains, “is, See better, look better. Many times after vision procedures, people are able to see themselves more clearly. They then notice things they would like to correct.” She goes on to explain that while the eyes are the most complex functional and anatomical structure of the face, they are also the focal point.

“Eyes are often the first thing to make people look old. Facial cosmetic surgery is a natural extension.” Her philosophy is that every person is the star in his or her own life, and therefore, deserves to feel and look their best. “No one is ever too old to have cosmetic surgery,” she adds. “We treated a LaserLift patient who was 93. She had a boyfriend she wanted to look good for.”

However, not all of the surgery they perform is cosmetic; some is reconstructive. “Liberating people from traumatic scarring is extremely rewarding,” Dr. Toyos says. “I’ll never forget one patient who suffered significant facial scarring after being attacked by a dog. We rejuvenated her face through a series of laser treatments. In the end, she told us she looked better than she had before the accident.”

As rewarding as they find treating individual patients, Rolando and Melissa Toyos also strive to have a positive impact on their profession as a whole. To further this goal, they developed a research program that is constantly working on FDA trials, as well as their own initiatives. One of Rolando’s notable achievements was the invention of the IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment for dry eye. “Because we are often the first, or among the first, to trial certain products and technologies,” Melissa explains. “It makes sense to use our experiences to help teach others.”

The Toyos lecture internationally, host an annual symposium, and welcome physicians from all over the world. To date, doctors from over 33 countries have come to their clinic to study and observe their systems and techniques. They also enjoy training students by offering an annual residency, as well as a summer internship.

The third component of this dynamic couple’s vision is service. Over the years, Toyos Clinic has donated over a million dollars in money, services, and care. In addition to helping those close to home, they have participated in medical missions to Nicaragua, Honduras, and Haiti. To broaden their reach, they established The Toyos Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit to provide uninsured patients with free care, support other impactful nonprofits, educate, and fund their medical mission trips. “We recently provided surgery to a patient who was blind in both eyes and now can see,” Melissa says.

When asked how they keep their intensely busy lives in balance, Melissa credits several factors, including their environment. “Memphis is a vibrant, diverse community with a big heart,” she says. “It’s easy to love being a part of this community. Needless to say, my husband and I both love what we do. We spend our time and energy on things that matter. Our patients, our co-workers, and our families come first.” She goes on to add that healthy diets and regular exercise help keep them energized for their busy days, and that spending time with family and friends helps them relax and recharge.

“Melding professional careers wouldn’t work for every couple,” she says. “But for us, it’s terrific! It helps that we share the same values and goals, and our talents and personalities complement each other both at home and at work.” She believes one of their fundamental secrets to success is keeping their lives in balance by carving out time to focus on family, friends, and activities they love.

Toyos clinic has locations in Memphis/Germantown, Nashville, Franklin, and Southaven. They offer medical and surgical eye care and optometric services, including general eye exams and eyewear. Their Facial Cosmetic Surgery services include laser resurfacing, laser blepharoplasty, cosmetic lid surgery, filler, Botox, Intense Pulse Light, Microdermabrasion, LED, and a complete line of medical skin care products.

For more information visit their website: Toyosclinic.com

By Caroline Sposto

Photo by Mary Phelps