48; Associate Director of ELA National Summer School Initiative and Executive Director and Co-Founder of Run 4our Life 

HOMETOWN: Memphis, TN 

I LOVE RUNNING: I love the “runners high” and that I can look back over the journey of training and see so many parallels in how I navigate the challenges that exist in my life. I run, push beyond my comfort level, rest, and repeat. 

BUCKET LIST: I’d love to compete in another triathlon. I also want to complete a half marathon in all 50 states. 

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Training and completing my first full marathon. I’ve run 13 half marathons and several 5Ks and 10Ks, so training and finishing was a tremendous accomplishment! 

SPEED BUMPS: Training for St. Jude, I had a stress fracture in my left leg. Six weeks before the race, I did what the doctor said for two weeks, and I could run. I decided to stop thinking about what I couldn’t do and think about what I could do. With my boot, I got on the bike and did upper-body weight training while I recovered. I later realized that the injury was from overuse, so I changed my run days and rest time to fit my body’s changing needs. 

MY GROUP: I’m the ED and Co-Founder of the newly launched Run 4our Life run group for ladies. We started with 13 ladies and now have 59 members! 

FAVORITE JAMS: “Better Than Ever” by Flight Facilities and “Last Last” by Burna Boy 

RECENT RACES: MLK 5K Race for Reconciliation and my first full in December, St Jude Marathon. 

MOST MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: Completing my first triathlon. It was supposed to be my “bucket list event,” but in 2019, I trained with some amazing ladies and completed my first TRI in Nashville. 

BINGE-WATCHING: I’m a die-hard SWAT fan, so I’m catching up and watching season 3. 

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: Michelle Obama. She’s brilliant, thoughtful, and beautiful! I want to pick her brain about life, marriage, and how she remains focused on her purpose through all the seasons of life. 

GO-TO GEAR: Garman watch, Glittens, Just Strong workout pants, and Brooks running shoes. 

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: Watching so many of my loved ones battle heart disease, obesity, and diabetes was my inspiration. Those challenges and genetics serve as external motivators for me to take care of my health. 

UP NEXT: Race to the Cave in Alabama, GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend, Oklahoma Race to Remember Half Marathon, Great America River Run here in Memphis half marathon, and the Navy Nautical 10 miler in Millington, TN. 

Photo by Tindall Stephens