47; Pilates teacher for 25 years; Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Synergetic™ Structural Integrator, Ballet Instructor, and Certified STOTT® Pilates Instructor of Crystal’s Body Shop LLC

As a ballet dancer from age seven, Crystal Brothers had tremendous flexibility in her muscles but not enough stability in her joints. At age 17, Crystal joined Boston Ballet II and endured a back injury and stress reactions in both tibias, both ankles, and her left foot. She knew it was time for help, so she sought Pilates. “Pilates helped strengthen my overly stretched muscles, provided balance and stability in my body, and set me on the path of heightened self-awareness in my movement,” Crystal says. Continuing as a professional ballerina for 25 years, Crystal leaned on Pilates as an integral part of her extensive maintenance routine in injury prevention and extended the life of her career.

Crystal is a certified STOTT® Pilates instructor and in all levels, including Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, and Barrels. Each year, Crystal takes an additional six hours of continuing education courses. “I found early on that I love teaching ballet because it not only helped me become a better dancer but because I loved helping people connect with their bodies. Pilates always felt right to me and completely supported my lifestyle, so it only made sense to incorporate and share this complete package of body knowledge and awareness,” she says. 

In Crystals’ private Pilates lessons, she focuses on functional movement, balance strength and mobility, and lots of core work using the Fitness Circle, a large stability ball, Cardio Tramp, Flex Bands, 

Toning Balls, Arc Barrel, and Reformer. Before and during each lesson, Crystal considers her clients’ physical and mental state and tailors the session to their needs. “My dance background has afforded me a deep understanding and appreciation for the human body, how important it is to function well, and that it houses the soul,” Crystal says. Crystal has cultivated her Body Shop to be a safe space full of encouragement, compassion, and care, where she can share her knowledge and her cheer for Pilates. 

Crystal’s student Karen Carrier emphasizes how special Crystal is as an instructor, saying, “Crystal is the ultimate instructor, working alongside me, not just instructing. From her 30-plus years as a professional dancer, understanding the human organic form, she ensures that my form is correct so as not to cause any injuries. Watching her walk into a room makes you feel you are in the presence of a true artist. Her body is her temple, and it translates into her ability to convey to the student how to master these techniques.” 

Outside of her client work at Crystal’s Body Shop, Crystal teaches ballet and Pilates at New Ballet Ensemble, ballet at Collage Dance Collective, Aromatherapy at Massage Institute of Memphis, and performs at Theatre Memphis and Playhouse on the Square. She also enjoys taking classes in dance, Krav Maga, and line dancing, and loves walking with her dogs, Whittle and Bella. “As a high-performance athlete for four decades, I have learned the importance of physical and mental health,” Crystal says. 

Crystal looks forward to deepening her understanding of the body while nurturing her connection with her community. “I want to increase my versatility and seek new and inspiring ideas by taking more workshops and continuing my education, and I want to become the go-to therapist for dance and theatre companies.” 

Learn more about Crystal and the offerings at Crystal’s Body Shop by visiting Crystalsbodyshop.com.