30; has been teaching Pilates for 5 years and from her home studio for 3 years.

Adrienne Cohen’s first entered the world of Pilates by attending classes at Core Collective Broad in the Fall of 2018. She grew up playing sports and maintained an active lifestyle during adulthood, but she always tried different fitness trends. After those first classes at Core Collective, Adrienne knew that Pilates was the exercise method that she would stick with. “It was the first time I did a group fitness class where I wasn’t trying just to make it through and check the box. I never once thought about the clock, and I discovered muscle connections I’d never felt before and couldn’t wait to go back and learn more,” she remembers. Over time, Adrienne felt that her core was stronger, her posture improved, and her overall mindset around exercise and body image shifted from feeling like a burden into a passion and soon, her career.

In 2018, Adrienne started instructor training at Core Collective Broad, a studio she emphatically recommends for those looking to try Pilates, and completed their extensive 450+ hour program. She has since added a yoga certification through Hot Yoga Plus and continues to take Pilates classes from studios in Memphis and around the country when she travels. She also studies specialized courses on specific groups like pre-natal, post-natal, and elderly populations.

Adrienne teaches a mix of traditional and contemporary Pilates in her home studio, located in her detached garage, which houses her Reformers, Tower walls, Exo Chairs, and more. A self-proclaimed homebody, Adrienne says, “I think what makes this studio special is the mantra ‘I am home.’ Yes, physically, I am at my house, but I hope the space and the Pilates method together remind my clients to be in touch with their breath and body, so they feel at home in my space as much as I do.”

Adrienne’s favorite aspect of being a studio owner and instructor is being able to help guide and encourage her clients in their daily connections and challenges. She enjoys teaching students of all fitness levels and seeing their individual growth. “No matter how long my client has been practicing, the movement remains challenging because Pilates never allows us to plateau. Just when we master a movement and think something is easier, a spring tension or position change can quickly shift that mindset to offer a new challenge.”

Regan Steepleton has been a client of Adrienne’s since she opened her studio and found the positive atmosphere and energy infectious. “Since its inception, Adrienne has created a community of Pilates lovers. Each class is unique and fun but also challenging, and Adrienne’s positive energy is contagious to all her clients. 

Outside of teaching, Adrienne loves spending time with her loved ones. She and her husband recently welcomed a baby girl, who often does tummy time during classes and smiles with encouragement while students tremble through a plank. In the future, Adrienne looks forward to continuing to love her family and her Pilates family, too, and plans to continue cherishing the intimacy of her home studio. 

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