Allison Gurley, 33, doesn’t wait for motivation to come around. Instead, she lets her determination lead the way. The real estate agent, fitness enthusiast, and mom of three says these days she’s never felt better, attributing it to daily workouts and fueling her body with the right foods. But more than anything, she wants to prove to her little ones that taking care of yourself is never selfish.

“I want to show them that if you can invest in yourself, your body, and your health, you can subsequently show up better for the people that you love,” she adds. “And I want them to know that being strong is cool…being a strong girl is a cool thing.”

Fitness has always played an important role in Allison’s life, but it wasn’t until her first pregnancy that she decided to ramp up her routine. “I really wanted a natural childbirth…but I wanted to make sure I was in good shape and was healthy to facilitate that,” she says. Allison started incorporating low-impact circuit training exercises with a particular focus on working the lower body. She was able to deliver all three of her children naturally and claims to have had quick and easy recoveries with each one.

Today, Allison continues to prioritize her health and wellness at Germantown Athletic Club. As a realtor, her schedule is constantly changing, but with GAC’s newly renovated 2500+ square foot Child Care facility, she’s able to bring her kids along and still squeeze in a workout.

“It’s very motivating for me to show up for myself and subsequently show up for them.”

Combatting boredom is one of Allison’s specialties. “I try to keep my mind and body guessing,” she says. Some days, she’ll utilize the weight room at GAC for functional strength training, and perhaps even follow it with some meditation in the sauna room. Other days, she’ll try out one of the many group fitness classes offered. This past year, Allison has also started attending Hot Yoga Plus for some much-needed stretch and detox sessions.

“That’s also been very transformative in my fitness,” she says. “Being forced into stillness, and being forced to focus on your body and your breathing is so crucial.” When time allows, Allison would eventually like to go through Yoga Teacher Training at HYP to receive her certification and dive deeper into the ancient history of the practice. She’d also like to compete in an endurance race in the near future.

“As a mom, there’s never a convenient time,” Allison says. “Of course, I’m tired…[but] I tell myself constantly, especially when I’m working out, that I’m strong and I’m capable. I say those same things to my girls, so hopefully, some of it’s rubbing off.”

Germantown Athletic Club offers multiple membership options to fit every schedule. Membership benefits include access to all club amenities, licensed child care, in-person and virtual group fit classes, guest passes, and more.

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By Colleen May
Photo by Tindall Stephens