Anneliese Szatkowski Brings a New Micropigmentation and Medical Aesthetics Practice to the Memphis Area

Given that Anneliese Szatkowski is a former professional model who’s graced the runways of Paris Fashion Week and designers like Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger, it’s hard to believe she too has suffered from insecurities like the rest of us.

However, twelve years ago, the wife and mother of two (Mila–16 and Luciana–13) had not one, but two things bothering her. “I had those thin, ’90s brows that I thought really aged my face,” she says. When Anneliese told others her plan to remedy the problem, they thought she’d lost it. Micropigmentation, a procedure for semipermanent makeup, hadn’t quite caught on then the way it has now. “People thought I was crazy because I had to go to Tampa to get it done,” Anneliese explains. “It was a fairly new procedure.”

The results were incredible. The service gave Anneliese the “fluffy, youthful” brows she’d hoped to have and sparked something inside of her. “It transformed my entire upper face. And I was like, ‘Wow, I would love to do this for people.’”


Fast forward to 2021, and that dream became a reality when she and Alice Yang-Miller, a registered nurse and experienced medical researcher, co-founded and opened Club Beauty in Cordova.

The micropigmentation and medical aesthetics practice offers in-demand treatments and injectables such as microneedling, dermaplaning, Botox, dermal fillers, and more.

“I had those thin, ’90s brows that I thought really aged my face.”

Given the dramatic effect they can have on facial appearance, eyebrows are by far the most requested area for micropigmentation by Club Beauty clients. While microblading is a popular choice these days for semipermanent eyebrow makeup, Anneliese believes micropigmentation is a far better option. She says, “Microblading uses a razor blade to make tiny cuts in the skin, and they rub pigment into the cuts. Micropigment uses a sterile needle to directly implant pigment into the dermis. This method is not only more precise, but it also lasts much longer and is less traumatic to the skin.”

Micropigmentation clients need touchups every two to three years, but since the procedure causes less scar tissue buildup, the skin retains a softer look and feel. Plus, Anneliese says, “Micropigment colors have smaller pigment particles that are less likely to change color over the years, and not to mention, are more closely regulated by the FDA and less saturated than traditional tattoo ink.”

At Club Beauty, clients can also turn to micropigmentation for semipermanent eyeliner on their upper and lower eyelids and to receive what Anneliese calls their “lip blush.” The light lip pigment is a soft, natural color that won’t interfere with wearing lipstick or colored lip gloss. “It will not counteract the colors or make you look too made up,” says Anneliese.


During their lab days, while studying nursing at Union University in the early 2010s, Anneliese shared with Alice her desire to open a medical aesthetics practice one day. The two re-connected in 2019 and used the downtime provided by the pandemic to lay the groundwork for Club Beauty, quietly acquiring numerous advanced certifications along the way.

Since opening the practice last year, Anneliese says the response has been overwhelmingly positive. She notes that she’s thrilled to be able to bring micropigmentation to Memphis and is surprised it’s still unfamiliar to many people. In the future, Club Beauty plans to offer hairline micropigmentation for men and women suffering from hair loss and areola micropigmentation for those who’ve had breast surgery.


Before making an appointment, review this list of need-to-knows from Club Beauty founder/owner Anneliese Szatkowski.

  • Talk to your doctor first if you take thyroid medication or blood thinners.
  • If you’re on Accutane, wait until you’ve finished your course to consider micropigmentation.
  • Before your procedure, you’ll need to avoid anything that could thin your blood and make you more likely to bleed, including over-thecounter products such as Advil (ibuprofen) and supplements like vitamin E.
  • You’ll also need to stay out of the sun and avoid tanning before and after the procedure.
  • Be sure to clear your schedule for the seven days following the procedure to give your skin time to heal. Swimming and situations that can induce heavy sweating should be avoided.

For more information, call 901.619.8758 or visit

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By Alexandra McCray
Photo by Amber Garrison