The dog days of summer are here to stay. H+F hit the streets to find this season’s Fittest Pets.

Carson Irwin with Ralph, 6

Ralph is a rescue from Street Dog Foundation. He enjoys daily walks through the Central Gardens.

Vicki Prince with Leo, 13, and Kimie, 13

They were rescued when they were approximately six months old. They take short walks during the coolest part of the day and love running at their vacation home in Mt. Nebo, Ark.

Weekend Warrior Don Mulhearn and Bryant, 8

Bryant loves playing ball in Martyrs Park. He suffered pancreatitis so he is limited on his favorite treat, cheese!

Brett Edwards with Mavis, 3

Mavis is a rescue from Street Dog Foundation. Her favorite pastime is swimming in the pond at Shelby Farms dog park and fetching.

Cheryl Kent, Silver Sneakers instructor with the Downtown YMCA, is with Itsy Bitsy, 10, Clooney, 10, Willie, 14, and Cybie, 3

They were adopted from Real Good Dog Rescue and do two walks a day: morning walks, averaging between four and six miles, at Overton Park, then take a second afternoon stroll.

Tim Guarina and Belfort, 2

Belfort is crazy about laser fetch and could play all day. He is a rescue from Street Dog Foundation. His favorite treats are Old Mother Hubbard’s and steaks from Charlie’s Meat Market. Sirloin is his go-to cut.

Christianne Belair and Mollie, 2

Mollie loves swimming and walks through Midtown’s historic neighborhoods.