Runner, 49, Business Development Director for BDO USA, LLP, wife & mother


I am a member of SoleMates Running Club, MRTC, and Memphis Hightailers. I recently ran the Luigi 5K (2nd place in age group), Andrew Jackson Marathon (2nd  in age group), and my first 50K in March. 


My most memorable experience was running my first marathon. It was the inaugural Herb Parsons Trail run. It rained all day and the temps were in the 30s. Over half the entrants didn’t show or dropped out at the half. It was so grueling that I felt defeated at the finish, but a month later that feeling changed to pride and accomplishment. 


I love so many things about running. For one, it’s cheap therapy!  During the week I run very early in the morning, often alone. I love the stillness of my environment and thinking through my day. Other times, I run with friends as a social outlet.


The next big event I have scheduled will be my second 50K trail run in October at the inaugural “Walking Tall.” This is being held in the area that I grew up in, so it will be nice to go “home” as well as run it with several of my Memphis friends and family.


One of my other passions is cars! My father built and raced cars. I grew up at the drag strip and in his body shop. 


Because I am a business developer, I entertain a lot. Amergio is my favorite lunch place in Memphis. My favorite dish is the Barramundi on the plank with charred veggies. At night, you may find me at Jim’s Place Grille with my husband and a Woodford on the rocks.


My biggest guilty pleasure is a Sonic Oreo Blast. (Don’t tell my trainer, Javier Castro).


I would love to have dinner with (the late) Este Lauder. She was a very interesting businesswoman who used unconventional means to accomplish her goals. Not only was she a trailblazer, she was also a bit misbehaved. That would be an entertaining evening!