A popular Mississippi-based meal-prep business is breaking into the Cordova market this fall. Run by entrepreneurial couple, Trey and Molly Jolly, Stud Muffins seamlessly blends Trey’s collegiate athlete background in exercise and meal prep with Molly’s experience in family-run, large-scale catering that focuses on indulgent flavors.

The concept initially began as an experimental effort for the couple to connect by sharing healthy and delicious meals that accommodated Molly’s palette while honoring Trey’s health and fitness goals.

“We were trying to navigate what we could eat together, so we went from there with making healthy recipes by substituting ingredients.”

Through trial and error in Molly’s grandmother’s commercial kitchen space and several words of encouragement from peers, Stud Muffins expanded almost immediately upon launch.

“We came from the small town of New Albany, Mississippi, with no other healthy options,” Molly explains.

They began by publishing weekly menu options on Facebook and eventually created a website when orders picked up. 

The couple soon relocated to DeSoto County, where Trey had accepted a job offer with BASE Sports Performance’s training program. 

To keep up with that and wholesale demands, Trey and Molly now both work full-time for the business, having opened their first retail front this past April. 

Between catering partnerships with several University of Memphis’ sports teams and the volume of Memphis-based clientele ordering meals through their e-commerce platform, Stud Muffins is expanding to open a second storefront and accompanying commercial kitchen in Cordova in the coming months. 

Meals are geared towards everyone, from the most seasoned athlete to the busy working professional wanting to stay in shape. 

“We have a variety of balanced meals, such as American cuisine, fiesta style, and Asian-influenced. People seem to love having different options.” Popular dishes include Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla and Molly’s favorite, Cajun Shrimp Pasta. 

Their rotating macro-friendly meals have options for everyone, including low-carb and high-carb, high-protein meals, and cater to allergies and dietary restrictions like gluten-free and diabetic. 

“The main driving factor of what we do is showing that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland,” making it easier for everyone to enjoy healthy meals that don’t compromise taste. 

With options for sides, desserts, and grab-and-go snacks to tack onto your order, clients can stay fueled throughout the week. 

“Definitely, the most meaningful and joyful thing for me is when people enjoy our food. There is nothing better than working hard and long hours and then getting a text, email, or comment saying that this is the best food they’ve ever eaten.” 

Follow Stud Muffins on Instagram to get notified of their official Germantown Parkway store launch date—

IG: @studmuffins.20 

You can place weekly orders online between Tuesday-Friday: Studmuffinsonline.com

By Shlomit Ovadia

Photo by Tindall Stephens