Stacey Stewart, 46, is a woman of many titles: mother, grandmother, veteran, student, holistic life coach, and now business owner. A California native who has been living in Memphis for the last 12 years, Stacey is fulfilling her passion for holistic health through the purchase of Renew Wellness Spa, a local spot that offers natural cleansing and organic beauty services. 

Although Stacey has always been physically fit, her approach to wellness has not always been holistic. Stacey dedicated 25 years of honorable service to the Navy, where she was a certified fitness leader and kickboxing instructor. “During my military career, I used to lift weights and run five miles, five days a week. I participated in several dozen 5K and 10K races, and I especially used to love running the Elvis 5K every year here in Memphis.” 

Despite being active and fit when she retired in 2016, Stacey knew there was room for improvement to her overall well-being. “I was always physically fit, but I didn’t always eat right and I had very short temper. I got away with it being in the military, but I quickly realized that my well-being wasn’t healthy at all.”  

It was her experience with back and knee pain that helped lead her to alternative remedies. Stacey was on traditional medication for pain management, but it gave her terrible constipation. “I had to undergo a colonoscopy and testing just for my doctor to tell me it was a side effect of the medication,” she explains. As a result, she began using essential oils, as well as herbal supplements, natural juices, and organic food to further enhance her overall dietary health. 

“I found that my body responds better to natural herbs and supplements,” Stacey says. “It’s so important to take care of your mind and body. I’m grateful Mother Nature has everything we need to do so.” 

Stacey’s new holistic approach has impacted her fitness as well. “I’ve shifted my workout routine to include meditation, yoga, interval cardio, and walking,” she says. “But I still love to run. I get out on the pavement at least two times a week.” 

Stacy’s lifestyle shift has made such a positive impact on her mental health. “Being a holistic life coach has brought so much peace and balance into my life. Once I started to heal my mind, body, and spirit—giving them equal attention and nourishment—I began to feel whole and truly happy. It’s truly an amazing feeling. I smile so much my jaw hurts sometimes.” 

Stacey’s passion for holistic wellness and living has culminated in her purchase of Renew Wellness Spa in Germantown. “Owning my own holistic wellness spa has always been a dream,” she says. Stacey plans to continue offering the wide variety of organic, naturally detoxifying services currently offered there. Expect colonics, detox foot baths, Himalayan Salt infrared sauna, infrared body wraps, and PureGlo facials. She is currently studying hydro-colon therapy in San Antonio, Texas so that she can further enhance the colonic offerings. She plans to add additional holistic wellness services and life coaching in the future. 

By Lucy Harrison

Photography by Tindall Stephens