There’s a feeling of friendship that permeates the new fitness studio, Mind/Body HAUS, which recently opened in Cooper-Young. The idea for it was born from two friends, co-owners Rachel Russ and Jocelyn Brunotte, and a sense of home is what they hope their clients feel when they come to the HAUS.

The owners met two years ago after Jocelyn moved back to the South after teaching fitness and dance classes in New York City for seven years. She and Rachel, both in their 30s, shared a love of fitness and a desire to create a space for others who share their passion.

Rachel says, “This partnership is magic . . . This dream became a reality when the space fell into our laps in March.”

Mind Body HAUS opened its doors this April and started off with a fitness and yoga retreat in Mexico. They currently have 10 different offerings for beginners and advanced students. Besides various yoga classes (including infrared-heated Vinyasa), they feature a toning class, a cardio-dance class, and bodyART®.

Jocelyn and Rachel are the only bodyART-certified teachers in Memphis and received their training in New York City. They teach it exclusively at Mind/Body HAUS. Jocelyn says, “It’s a functional training system and total body workout that is focused on creating strength, flexibility, and stamina. The class consists of exercises inspired by martial arts, yoga, physical therapy, dance, and classical conditioning. Breathing techniques are used to create a balance of dynamic energy with passive relaxation, like the Chinese principle of Yin and Yang.”

The only equipment required for the bodyART class is a yoga mat. It starts with a rhythmic warm-up followed by high-intensity interval training. A blissful cooldown completes the class, leaving you in a sweaty zen state.

At Mind/Body HAUS, Jocelyn and Rachel aren’t just offering a way to work out. They’ve created a community and a home. The focus at Mind/Body HAUS is to use your creativity, dance, groove, move, and—most importantly—have fun.

Mind/Body HAUS is partnering with St. Jude for a Yogathon on June 23 held at the hospital’s campus. For more information, email

Mind/Body HAUS is located at: 2163 Young Avenue

First class in on the haus!

Hot Haus Yoga offered daily.

The next yoga retreat is planned for November 2018.

Go to for the class schedule and more information.

By Arianne Kreger