Model Fitness Instructor Residential real estate professional & Basecamp Instructor

Laura Grace Pope wears many hats: she works full-time in residential real estate, teaches classes at Basecamp Fitness multiple times a week, and models for Verge, an online boutique in Memphis. She’s also involved in her church community and teaches a class of fourth graders every Sunday. 

Fitness has always been a part of her life. As a kid, Laura Grace was always involved in some sport, and as an adult, it’s become a healthy outlet for her to appreciate what her body is capable of. She has been an instructor at Basecamp for nearly two years and loves watching their members grow stronger and more confident in their abilities. 

Teaching and encouraging others in their fitness lifestyles has been something she has dreamed of for years. Before coming to Basecamp, Laura Grace worked out at Cyclebar, East Memphis Kickboxing, and the UFC Gym in Germantown. She currently works out at Basecamp, ESPORTA, and she loves running outside when the air quality permits for the asthma sufferer. 

Laura Grace lives by the philosophy that exercise is a blessing, and even though she may not always look forward to it, she always leaves feeling stronger. That’s the same feeling she wants others to have when they leave her classes at Basecamp. 

Although active and loving to exercise, Laura Grace describes herself as “not your typical instructor.” She can’t run a marathon due to doctor’s orders, but she can cheer on those who can, and that’s her goal. She says she will always want and need an active lifestyle, but if she’s 80 years old and leading water aerobics, that’s perfectly fine. Her goal is to help others realize what they’re capable of when they move their bodies and to create a strong, encouraging community around fitness. 

By Lucy Modzelewski 

Photo by Tindall Stephens 

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