Have you ever felt like your health and wellness were off balance but could not determine why? 

For many, this may be due to a depletion in their hormone levels. Renee Pinlac, MSN, FNP, Nurse Practitioner-BC, the owner of De La Belle Wellness Center, has experienced this imbalance personally and describes that period of her life as constantly “feeling like she was coming apart.” 

After seeing several specialists, Renee finally learned about her unbalanced hormones. As a result, she began her journey to re-balance her hormones, striving to regain her previous sense of well-being. She has found the results to be profound and now wants to provide this life-changing therapy to her patients. 

What is hormone pellet therapy? 

Pellet therapy is the most natural way to replenish hormone levels for women and men. Hormone pellet implants, about the size of a grain of rice, are placed under the skin. These pellets consistently release small, physiologic doses of bioidentical hormones, like those found normally in your body, providing optimal therapy. This method is simple, convenient, and safe. When hormones are absorbed parenterally rather than swallowed, they absorb directly into the tissues and are not altered by the liver. In contrast, when hormones are swallowed or injected, they often create a quick “spike” in that hormone’s level, which then drops rapidly. Therefore, pellet implants provide a consistent level of hormones and remove the possibility of spikes and drops that may cause adverse side effects. 

What happens during the procedure? 

Patients will have an initial consultation, then get their hormone levels checked in their first appointment. Then, depending on their levels, a specialist will determine their pellet dosage and schedule their hormone pellet implantation. One month after the pellets are administered, the patient can return to De La Belle Wellness Center for a follow-up appointment to ensure appropriate hormone levels. The pellets are made of natural materials that degrade within the body and slowly release the hormone dosage over the course of 3-5 months for females and 4-7 months for males, so they do not have to be removed after treatment is complete. 


Patients treated with hormone pellet therapy report increased well-being in many aspects of their health, from their energy levels, libido, weight management, and focus, and even reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Are you interested in hormone pellet therapy? Call De La Belle Wellness Center for more information at 901.433.9024 or request an appointment on their website, Delabelle.net/contact

By Zoe Harrison