Ages: 51 and 49

Zodiac Sign: Libra and Leo

Kids: Carlos (32), Mikesha (29), LaMario (28), and Cedric, Jr. (23)

How long have you been in relationship? Dated 8 years and married 21 years.

Meet Cute: We met through a mutual friend.

How we stay fit together: We run together at least 4 times a week and Toya does a HIIT solo workout once a week.

Date Night: Our favorite thing to do on date night is to go to a fancy restaurant or stay home and watch movies with a special meal.

Best Relationship advice you have had: Pray, communicate, and keep others out of our business.

What you argue the most about: Whether we should run on the treadmill or outside. Mike is always cold!

Best way to make up after a fight: Apologize and don’t hold a grudge.

How do you keep your partner motivated?

Toya: I get up first and put on my workout clothes and he follows.

Best fitness advice?

Toya: Don’t be fit for anyone but yourself.

Mike: Don’t compare yourself to others.

Favorite body part on your partner: 

Toya: His chest and arms.

Mike: Her small feet. We call her quick feet. And her butt.

How do you support your partner?

Toya: I always tell my husband I am proud of him for embracing this healthy lifestyle. I never thought my husband would ever run and/or workout. 

Mike: I always tell my wife how she inspires me on this health journey. I encourage her ideas and things she wants to accomplish.

What is your partner’s greatest strength? 

Toya: He is selfless and loyal.

Mike: She is a woman of her word. She is also a great mother, grandmother, daughter and sister. Very supportive of her family.

Photo by Tindall Stephens