Ages: 39 and 42

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius

Kids: Bailey Nelson (13), Brady Nelson (7)

How long have you been in relationship? 9 years 

Meet Cute: We both worked together at the Side Porch Restaurant. Wesley was a cook and Casey was a waitress. 

How we stay fit together: We train together 6 days a week and we keep our meal plan consistent because Casey meals preps every Sunday. We train a major muscle group daily and do the exact same workouts. We work out at our gym, Hustle House, or ATC Bartlett if we need a change of pace.

Date Night: While we prep for shows, we rarely eat out. Otherwise, we enjoy dinner and a band with friends at Lafayette’s or get a steak at Firebirds.

Best relationship advice you’ve had: Put God first. Work hard. Show each other grace. Approach life as a team. Always be honest. 

What you argue the most about: What we’re going to eat, but we never fight. We just discuss everything passionately.

Best way to make up after a fight: We’ll keep it classy and say “Go to the gym together.” 

How do you keep your partner motivated?

Wes: Remind her of the goals she set and always be there for her. 

Best fitness advice?

Casey: Make healthy eating and exercise a non-negotiable EVERY day. Like brushing your teeth, it can’t be optional. 

Wes: Even if you fail today, keep pressing forward. Tomorrow is a new day. 

Favorite body part on your partner?

Casey: His chest.

How do you support your partner?

Casey: In my opinion, a wife is an equal partner, therefore I go to work every day just like he does. Marriage is 100/100 not 50/50. We both go all-in. Every day. 

What is your partner’s greatest strength?

Wes: Her work ethic.