Ages: 31 and 31

Zodiac Sign: Virgo and Capricorn

Kids: Ages 6, 4, 2, and 1

How long have you been in relationship? We will be married 8 years this May.

Meet Cute: We met in college. Both of us were there for athletics. Karli played college basketball and Tim played college baseball. We went to a smaller school and had almost every single class together.

How we stay fit together: We used to do this in many creative ways before we had kids. Anything fitness related we would do together. Now we involve our kids in a lot of our activities and try to be very intentional to make sure we’re all moving and enjoying the fresh air whether that is a walk, exploring a trail, or riding bikes. We take advantage of the gym’s childcare as often as we can. We usually do different workouts because Tim goes early before work, and Karli has to schedule around homeschool and the kids. We love special occasions when we can get in a good workout together, but those don’t happen as often as we would like. 

Date Night: This almost always involves good food and some time to walk and talk with just some one on one time. We also love our movie nights curled up at home. With little ones, any time together is a gift and can feel pretty special. 

Best Relationship advice you have had: Marriage is about Holiness not Happiness.

What you argue the most about: They are usually very pointless arguments where we just have to remind one another that we’re on the same team. Usually intentional communication and a soft heart can make a world of difference. 

Best way to make up after a fight: Some actions to back up the sincerity of the apology and some intimacy.

How do you keep your partner motivated?

Karli: I try to make sure he gets his time at the gym. I try to take things away so he can do things he enjoys.

Tim: I encourage Karli to do things that add to a healthy lifestyle and things that are effective for her to reach certain goals. I try to lead by example. 

Best fitness advice: 

Karli: Nutrition is key in overall wellness. Find ways to move that you enjoy and are effective for you. Lastly, hard is not always bad.

Tim: Do not sacrifice form. Fitness is 90% nutrition, and what you put in your body matters.

Favorite body part on your partner:

Karlie: His big hands and shoulders.

Tim: The appropriate answer is her strong legs.

How do you support your partner: 

Karli: I continually pray for him. I am always trying to set him up for success by taking things off of his plate. I try to be vocal in my appreciation of him and who he is.

Tim: I pray for her every day. I try to serve her and find ways to help take a load off of her as much as I can. I fail at this sometimes, but I want her to feel appreciated for all she does. 

What is your partner’s greatest strength: 

Karli: His willingness to admit his wrongs and his humility.

Tim: Her perseverance and willingness to do the hard work. She is driven and stubborn, and if she puts her mind to something she will do the work. 

Photo by Tindall Stephens