Some people age better than others if they take care of themselves, but eventually the signs of experience and a life well lived show on your face. The elasticity and firmness of the skin of your youth give sway to skin that starts to sag. Your cheeks start to lose volume. Lines and wrinkles appear where your skin was once taught. 

With so many medical advancements, there are ways to combat the aging process through cosmetic procedures like a midface lift. Less intense than a full facelift, it helps with face contouring and restoring a more youthful appearance. A midface lift starts at the top of the cheeks to lift them and primarily focuses on this area. Although, it also helps with hollows around the eyes and circles under eyelids. Laugh lines may be diminished through this procedure as well. 

Optimal midface position and volume make your face appear more youthful and vibrant. When having a midface lift, it’s common to have silicone or other medical-grade implants surgically inserted through incisions in the mouth to build up the cheeks and add volume. Adipose tissue or fat from the patient’s abdomen or thighs can also be used to plump the cheek area and increase the lost volume. Incisions may also be made along the hairline or the lower eyelid to lift the check tissue as well. Your doctor will analyze your specific facial structure to determine which techniques to use and to make you look your best.  

It only takes about two hours to complete a midface lift, so you could cal it a mini lift. The average complete recovery time for the procedure is 10 days. A full facelift takes longer and has a longer down time.  

As with any facial plastic surgery, results differ from person to person. During your consultation, it’s important to be candid about expectations and lifestyle habits to see the best results.

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