For the Liebmanns, 2007 was the year that changed their life. Tim weighed nearly 600 pounds, which crept up over the years by focusing on his career over his health. Rori was also unhappy with her body. Fertility trouble and a challenging pregnancy helped put extra weight on her petite frame.

Together they joined Nutrisystem, and Tim lost 100 pounds in the first 90 days. After shifting to real, unprocessed food and incorporating exercise, Tim lost a total of 325 pounds by the following year. Rori and Tim were sold on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The Ups and Downs of Their Journey

After the Liebmanns’ big transformation, they moved to Memphis in 2016. The temptation of the city’s great barbecue was enough to throw a wrench in their diet. “This city has the best barbecue in the country, and we were new, so we started eating out a lot,” Rori says.

They went to the experts at Transformation Doctor to help get them back on track. Though they weren’t able to exercise during the program, they met their goals by solely adjusting their diet. After six months, Tim, 54, weighs 240 pounds and Rori, 46, is back down to a size two.

“In 2007, I had a 60-inch waist but now I fit into a 34,” Tim says. “These are clothes I never imagined I would wear. I’m fitter now than I was as a high school athlete.”

How They Keep Fit

Since Tim has retired, they go to Club Pilates in Collierville seven days a week, sometimes more than once a day. They get in cardio and do bodyweight exercises by using the Reformer and TRX system. “I got Tim hooked. We are well known at Club Pilates.” Rori jokes, “The couple that diets and does Pilates together, stays together.”

Tim says, “Most people fail because they don’t do it as a household, and we didn’t make that mistake.” His dramatic weight loss and lifestyle change have led him to be a role model for healthy living. He gets to talk about his journey to those struggling with obesity as he did. “If my story can help someone get motivated, I want to tell it.”

“It’s difficult to relate to someone who’s always been fit and never struggled with his or her weight. But I am that person who has split pants and broken chairs, so I understand that it’s a journey. I can hopefully touch those people and motivate them to focus on changing their lives like I did.”

By India Nikotich. Photo by Tindall Stephens.