The Memphis Hype Man • Gym owner & Trainer

Alton Williams Jr. is a native Memphian and the owner of T.R.A.P. Fitness. Their acronym is Team, Resistance, Aerobics, and Plyometrics, emphasizing “team” as a community and is what fuels their gym. Alton and his team believe there is strength in numbers. They are intent on curating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for individuals of all fitness levels to come to their gym and create the best version of themselves. They aim to take working out, a task most people view as a duty, and turn it into a desire. 

In addition to owning T.R.A.P Fitness, Alton serves as the gym’s strength coach. He takes pride in not only helping in areas such as muscle gain, weight loss, and improved performance but also areas beyond the gym, such as helping build self-confidence, developing a solid work ethic that transcends the gym into their personal lives, and more. 

As a loyal Memphian, Alton also tries to serve the larger community outside of his gym. He partnered with the City of Memphis as a fitness coach to offer workout classes to their employees and hosts fitness classes at Benjamin Hooks Library, the Memphis Police Department, and City Hall. He also hosts workouts for the City of Memphis’ Annual Total You Wellness Conference and Benjamin Hook’s Staff Development Day. Alton is proud to lead a 2-mile walk for Benjamin Hooks Library on National Walking Day. 

Alton says that his ultimate goal is to help the city that raised him. He notes that one of the leading causes of health challenges in our city derives from the heart and always keeps this in mind from a training perspective. It’s one of the reasons he’s so passionate about encouraging movement in the Memphis community and why he utilizes his expertise in resistance training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition coaching to provide a better quality of life for our community. 

By Lucy Modzelewski 

Photo by Avery Amstutz 

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