The Spinning Marketing Guru Founder of Grace Curates & CycleBar Instructor

Grace Sammarco discovered her passion for spin culture through an unfortunate personal tragedy. When she was 19, her best friend passed away in a car accident, sending her into a dark, grief-stricken place. Knowing she was going down an irreversible path, she sought to make a change and booked her first class at CycleBar in Memphis. 

She knew no one in the studio, knew nothing about spin, and had no prior experience in the fitness world. However, the immediate impact CycleBar had was truly life-changing. The studio became unofficial therapy: a place to process, heal, and grieve. She went from one of the lowest points of her life to one of the highest, all because she clipped in on the bike one Saturday morning in July. Now, she’s moved up to become a CycleBar instructor and has found that challenging herself on the bike has become a special way to honor her friend’s athletic legacy. 

She’s also moved up in her career. After graduating college in 2022, Grace started her marketing career by taking on all of CycleBar Memphis’ social media and marketing, producing original content, and implementing marketing strategies for all three Memphis CycleBar locations. She knew the CycleBar experience was worth sharing with the world, and their riders were worth recognizing in front of their 4,800 followers. 

In January of 2022, Grace’s freelance marketing business, Grace Curates, was born. Grace has had the privilege of working for wonderful clients, ranging from nonprofit groups raising over $500,000 to individuals who simply want to showcase their lovely family vacation home to renters. 

Grace hopes to expand her business nationally and is looking to get her MBA in the next two years. Her biggest dream is to own her own spin studio in Memphis. Grace states that she wouldn’t open a studio anywhere else because the people in Memphis would shine in an independent spin studio. 

By Lucy Modzelewski 

Photo by Avery Amstutz 

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