Renee Bailey 

38 / Certified Public Accountant 

Justin Bailey 

45 / Attorney 

Their Story 

Renee and Justin met by bumping into each other at different events around Memphis. They have been together for seven years and married for four and a half years. 

Family Matters 

Together, Justin and Renee share a beautiful two-year-old daughter, Zuri. The Baileys love to try new things and are drawn to anything with an element of adventure. “It doesn’t have to be monumental. Just trying a new restaurant or bar is most enjoyable for us,” they said. 

How They Stay Fit 

Justin and Renee are dedicated cyclists and are involved in racing and group rides with their cycling community. Renee is a member of Black Girls Do Bike and Justin is a member of Grind City Cycling Club. 

How They Inspire Each Other To Prioritize Wellness 

The couple is competitive and uses this competitive nature to keep one another inspired. Justin says, “I try to inspire by doing. Whatever it is I am doing, Renee will be inspired to do it better, faster, or longer.” Renee sparks their competitive side by signing them up for activities and events they can’t turn down, and they can then be excited to train and do their best. 

Greatest Strengths 

Justin finds the competitiveness he sees in Renee to be one of her greatest strengths when it comes to fitness, even if her only competition is herself. Justin says, “If Renee sets a goal, she will see it through. And if I see her pushing towards that goal, I’ll usually hop on for the ride. It’s fun to push each other.” Meanwhile, Renee recognizes that Justin’s mental focus is a great strength of his. “He always has a positive attitude about getting things done,” she says. 

Proudest Fitness Accomplishments 

Overall, Justin is most proud of his health and fitness level at age 45. “It’s important to me to be in good physical and mental health for my family and myself,” he says. Regarding specific accomplishments, Justin says that completing the Memphis Hightailers’ BCB Century Ride, where he biked 100 miles in one day, was a major milestone in his cycling career. Renee also completed two separate 100-mile rides, the first being within three months of getting back to cycling after a two-year hiatus. As a reward after the first century, Renee got a new Look bike from Latting Speed Shop! 

Fitness As A Couple 

The Baileys love cycling together and are members of Grip & Grind Cycling Club, Major Taylor Memphis, and Memphis Hightailers. 

Best Wellness Advice 

Renee’s best advice is just to show up, because she finds that being present is two-thirds of the battle. She rarely regrets engaging in the activity once it’s completed, so if you can get there and start, you already have done most of the work. Justin thinks the best advice is to find something to do that you enjoy and remember that seeking wellness doesn’t have to be unpleasant. “Not every run or ride has to be a personal record chaser, and your wellness journey should be your own,” he says. 

Fitness Goals 

Justin is looking forward to continuing to become a stronger, more efficient cyclist, and to surviving their daughter’s toddler stage in relatively good mental shape. Renee simply wants to be better and do more than last year.