Process Improvement Analyst at ServiceMaster

I prioritize fitness in my schedule and make it part of my everyday lifestyle. Eating healthy is an important part of a fit life, but I’m not 100% perfect all the time. Enjoying life is also a big part of how I stay fit.

I’ve been lifting weights and running since I was in high school, when I played basketball and football and ran track & field. Weight training was a family activity every day after my mother got off work.

My Workout involves high-intensity training each day. It builds strength and kickstarts my cardio.

  • Monday: Hamstring/Glutes/Abductor
  • Tuesday: Shoulder/Biceps
  • Wednesday: Quads/Abductor/Adductor
  • Thursday: Traps /Lats/Triceps
  • Friday: Chest/Abs/Forearms
  • Saturday: High-Intensity CrossFit Hit & Run workout

Chips, Fries, and Wingstop wings are my cheat foods.

I watched every season of The Biggest Loser and loved Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Helping others learn how to live a healthy lifestyle drives them both.

The most underrated exercise is the Barbell Hip Thrusters/Abductor/Adductors. Legs are the gateway to a proportional body.

Legs are the most neglected body part for most guys in the gym—even myself in the past. For the last two years, I’ve been doing legs twice a week.

It used to be anything chest and abs, but now I love leg press, extensions, and deep barbell squats.

Self-happiness keeps me motivated. As I age, learning how to continue to change my body to be a better me each year is my motivation.

Don’t go to the gym to impress everyone with how much you can lift. Concentrate on learning how to create and mold your goal body.

Water and more water are always in my gym bag. High-Intensity workouts = H20.

I have to do the following each morning: Drink my apple cider vinegar and lemon shot and wash my face with Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil.

I have no “Quotes,” I have a mantra: #GIRGIT “GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT.” This isn’t just only about your body and fitness. It’s also about keeping your career, diet, and love life right and tight.

Compiled by Hailey Thomas

Photo by Tindall Stephens