Best Smoothie/Juice Bar

1. I love Juice Bar

2. The Nutrition Hub

3. Smoothie King

Favorite Patio

1. Loflin Yard

2. Café Ole

3. Railgarten

Best Cocktails/Wine List

1. Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar

2. Alchemy

3. Babalu Tapas & Tacos

Best Date Night

1. Southern Social

2. Flight

3. Andrew Michael’s

Best Healthy Restaurant

1. City Silo

2. Cheffies

3. Bedrock Eats/Lyfe Kitchen

Best Grocery Store Store

1. Sprouts

2. Kroger

3. Whole Foods

Best Coffee

1. Crave

2. Otherlands

3. Muddy’s

Best Food Truck Truck

1. Say Cheese

2. Raw Girls

3. Fuel

Best Chef

1. Kelly English, Iris, Second Line

2. Andy Ticer, Michael Hudman, Andrew Michael Restaurant Group

3. Josh Steiner, Strano

Best Brunch Spot

1. Beauty Shop

2. Brother Junipers/ Owen Brennan’s

3. Strano

Best Local Brewery

1. Wiseacre Brewing Co.

2. Ghost River Brewing Co.

3. Memphis Made Brewing Co.

Best Fitness Studio (non-CrossFit)

1. LiveFIT Bootcamp and Studio

2. Energy Fitness

3. Fusion Fitness

Best Gym

1. LiveFIT Bootcamp and Studio

2. Elite Level

3. Burn Bootcamp Collierville/ The Kroc Center

Best Personal Trainer

1. Tonya Tittle, Energy Fitness

2. Chris and Cindy Caudy, Next Level Fitness

3. Josh Nix, LiveFIT Bootcamp and Studio/ Mandy Nelson, Elite Level

Best Yoga Studio

1. LiveFIT

2. Delta Groove Yoga/Fusion Fitness

3. Hot Yoga Plus

Best CrossFit

1. Hit and Run

2. A-Town CrossFit

3. Triad CrossFit

Best Pilates Studio

1. Club Pilates

2. Ballet Memphis, Pilates Centre

3. Memphis Jewish Community Center

Best Indoor Cycling

1. CycleBar

2. LiveFIT Bootcamp and Studio

3. Memphis Jewish Community Center

Best Boxing / MMA Gym

1. Memphis Fitness Kickboxing

2. UFC Gym, Germantown

3. Total Fitness Kickboxing

Best Race 10K or Shorter

1. St. Jude 10K

2. Bardog 5K

3. Cooper-Young 4-miler

Best Race 10K or Longer

1. St. Jude Half/Marathon

2. MRTC Road Race Series

3. Wade’s Big Adventure

Best Triathlon

1. Memphis In May

2. Annie Oakley/Buffalo Bill

3. Mighty Mite

Best Cycling Event

1. Tour De Lakeland

2. West Cancer Center Ride to Fight On

3. Meritan Midnight Ride

Best Body Building/Fitness Competition

1. Battle on the Bluff

2. LiveFIT Biggest Loser Challenge

Favorite Fitness Store

1. Lululemon

2. Fleet Feet

3. Breakaway Running

Best Bike Shop

1. Peddler Bike Shop

2. Victory Bicycle Studio

3. All About Bikes

Favorite Hair Salon

1. Laveau Beauty Studio

2. Gould’s Salon Spa

3. Pavo Salon

Favorite Nutritionist

1. Cindy Caudy, Next Level Training

2. Amanda Hughes, LiveFIT

3. Erica Hill, Fusion Fitness

Best Vet

1. The Pet Hospitals

2. Arlington Animal Hospital

3. Walnut Grove Animal Clinic

Best Doggie Daycare

1. Browndog Lodge

2. Camp Bow Wow tie with Dogs Rule

3. Barks & Recreation

Favorite Mental Health Professional

1. Paul Berkes, LPC

2. Dr. Lucas Trautman

3. Karen Riss, LCSW

Favorite Acupuncturist

1. Michael Falcone, Twin Reeds

2. Dr. Michael Xu, Xu Wellness Center

3. Dr. Alexander Ly, Ly Natural Health Acupuncture Clinic

Favorite Massage Therapist

1. Mae Jensen, Energy Fitness

2. Larrie Rodriguez, Midtown Massage and Bodywork

3. Angela Watkins, Calming Influence

Favorite Physical Therapist

1. Trevor Ling, Peak Potential

2. Mark Temme, OrthoMemphis

3. Michael Smith, Smith Clinic

Favorite Chiropractor

1. Dr. Mark Wetzel, Elite Level

2. Dr. Brad Cole, Cole Pain Therapy Group

3. Dr. Allen Goode, East Memphis Chiropractic

Favorite Podiatrist

1. Dr. Murray Butler, Ortho One Sports Medicine

2. Dr. Darrell Croft

3. Mid-South Foot & Ankle Specialist

Favorite Orthopedist

1. Dr. Jeffrey Dlabach, Ortho One Sports Medicine

2. Dr. Laura Lendermon, Lendermon Sports Medicine

3. Dr. Timothy Krahn, OrthoMemphis


1. Dr. Jason Mullenix, MOGA

2. Dr. Frank Ling, Women’s Health Specialists

3. Dr. Leslie Hayden, Adams Patteson OBGYN

Best Dermatologist

1. Dr. Alan Levy, Levy Dermatology

2. Dr. Allison King, Mid-South Dermatology[tie] Dr. Francis Lawhead, Memphis Dermatology Clinic

3. Dr. Purvisha Patel, Advanced Dermatology and Skin

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

1. Dr. Lou Adams. Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis

2. Dr. Robert Chandler, Plastic Surgery Group

3. Dr. Neuman Goshorn, Goshorn Aesthetics

Best Dentist

3. Dr. Kathyrn Sneed, Sneed Dental Arts

2. Dr. Scott Edwards, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

1. Dr. Joe Vescovo, Vescovo Family Dentistry

Best Pediatrician

1. Dr. Catherine Chidester, Yukon Clinic

2. Chris Hanson, Laurelwood Pediatrics

3. Dr. David Ziebarth, Pediatric Physcians

Best Ophthalmologist/Optometrist Group

1. The Eye Center at SCO

2. Dr. Rolando Toyos, Toyos Clinic

3. Eclectic Eye

Best Med Spa

1. Glo Medical Aesthetics & Hair Spa

2. Ashtoria Aesthetics & Wellness

3. A Beautiful You Medical Spa