If you’ve been caught in a summer haze, you might not have realized that there’s a new HOTWORX in town to serve Downtown, Crosstown, the Medical District, and Midtown, Memphis. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, co-owners Jason and Carmella Rogers traded their suburban estate for a downtown riverfront view, and their real estate portfolio for a HOTWORX franchise. 

These IT gurus have always lived an active lifestyle but previously worked with personal trainers in their home gym. Until one day, cabin fever motivated them to visit with friends, and another came in, saying she’d just finished riding a bike in a sauna! This piqued Carmella’s interest, and she had to learn more. The biggest draw is the innovative fitness concept and health benefits of infrared technology. 

Fast-forward about two years, and HOTWORX – Edge District opened in September 2022. The couple saw an opportunity to address a need in a community with few fitness resources, providing quick workouts in a facility with 24/7 access — perfect for higher ed students and professionals. 

“We chose the Medical District because it has a great mix of hospitals, residences, medical students, professionals, businesses, and restaurants,” said Carmella, also general manager for HOTWORX – Edge District. 

Its current membership community comprises “HOT WARRIORS” from all walks of life, from medical students to moms, city council members to business professionals, and more. In addition to hard-hitting, quick workouts, the HOTWORX – Edge District community also enjoys special events, like Sweat & Sip, the Summer Soiree, and Sweat with Friends. 

What is HOTWORX? 

Imagine doing a workout, like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cycling, or even Pilates, but in a sauna. That’s the basic premise of HOTWORX. As the infrared heat from the sauna penetrates your body causing you to sweat, the isometric workouts further accelerate detoxification by removing toxins through muscle contraction — and your virtual instructor is there every step of the way. 

Even if you prefer outside workouts, the infrared energy you experience at HOTWORX can activate the regenerative process in your body and accelerate workout recovery. 

Want to try HOTWORX – Edge District? Sign up for a free, no-commitment workout at hotworx.net/studio/Memphis-edgedistrict and tell them you heard about it from MH+F for a free gift! 

The HOTWORX – Edge District studio will celebrate its 1st anniversary in September.

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