48, Fitness Coach

The Monger family: 

I’m blessed to be married to my amazing husband, Harris. I’m a mother of two fun kids, Jaimie and John. We all spoil our three-year-old rescue Labrador retriever, Jasper. Jaimie is 28 and an architect and interior designer who loves to paint. John is 23 and is a self-taught guitarist who enjoys singing and writing songs. Both have great senses of humor, take yoga classes, and enjoy having family karaoke nights. 

Motherhood rewards & challenges: 

My favorite part about motherhood is watching my children’s personalities develop and being there for all their firsts. There is nothing like the first time your child hugs you or shares something of theirs without being asked. As they entered school, the challenge was keeping up with their energy. I wanted them to be active outdoors with the trampoline, bicycle, hopscotch, tree climbing, etc., but my energy level was low because I wasn’t exercising, fueling my body correctly, or getting enough sleep. 

Balancing motherhood & fitness: 

My children are now active adults. With regular exercise and eating a balanced nutritional intake, I can keep up with my twenty-year-olds, whether it’s a bike ride on Riverside or roller skating through our neighborhood. When my kids were younger, I wouldn’t just send them outside to play but go with them to jump on the trampoline, jump rope, and play “TAG, you’re it!” I didn’t think of it as exercise back then – it was just time with my children. 

How I stay active: 

I’ve converted an area in my home to a full gym for my family to have 24-hour access. I strive to complete three resistance training days, two cardio days, one rest/self-care day, and one day to prepare for the classes I teach at 901FitLife, F45 Germantown, East Memphis Athletic, and Zen Studio. My schedule breaks down into an upper body day, a lower body day, and a day for balance and core. 

My fitness goals: 

As a member of Run4OurLife, I’m participating in the Great American River Race and the Nautical 10-miler. I would love to create another outdoor fitness camp for the Mid-South community this summer. As for my wellness goal, I’m continuing to work on being consistent with my nutrition because I want to play with not only my grandchildren but my great-grandchildren. 

The importance of prioritizing wellness: 

Minorities are more likely to develop chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease. In most cases, these diseases can be avoided or controlled with regular exercise and proper nutrition. I want to be a role model to my children and the next generation to show ways to stay healthy while enjoying life to the fullest. 

My advice for new mothers: 

For the moms who think they do not have the time to exercise, ten minutes of dedicated movement daily is always better than no movement at all – plus, some gyms and fitness studios offer daycare while you are in class. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your partner, friend, sibling, parent, or in-law cannot help if you never ask for help. 

By Lucy Modzelewski

Photo by Laramie Wheele