42, Holistic Health Coach at Solutions Medical Center, bodyART, and Pilates instructor

Family matters: 

My partner is Matthew Wilson, and we’ve been together for seven and a half years. We have one sweet little boy named Leo, who is almost two years old, a Shih Tzu mix named Betty White, and a tortie kitty, Kiki Marie. We live in a multi-generational home with my parents, who moved here from Southern California after Leo was born. 

My favorite aspect of motherhood: 

Motherhood is wild. It cracks you wide open and exposes every nook and cranny of who you are and who came before you. I’ve loved how it has opened my eyes to the importance of my own care and healing so that I can meet my son’s developmental needs in the most gentle and regulated ways possible. I came into motherhood later in life, after my career as a professional dancer with Ballet Memphis. It is something I have always wanted and is a gift I do not take for granted. 

Biggest motherhood challenge: 

Communicating my needs and desires clearly and knowing that help and support are NECESSARY during postpartum years is a challenge. We were not meant to raise children alone as we do in modern society. Asking for help, planning and budgeting for help, and seeking community is vital to postpartum health. 

Balancing motherhood & fitness: 

You have to prioritize moving your body whenever and wherever you can and release all expectations of perfection or what it used to look and feel like. Give yourself grace, compassion, and patience, and release all external pressure to “bounce back” in anyone’s time frame other than your own. 

How I stay active: 

I bounce on my rebounder or stability ball daily. I hop on my reformer and do some free-weight or flex-band Pilates exercises at home. I teach bodyART at Mind Body Haus on Sundays and take a self-myofascial release class at Pike Yoga. We walk daily as a family with our dog and spend as much time outdoors as possible. 

My fitness goals: 

Keep building strength, function, regulation, and resilience daily. Consistently commit to prioritizing and consciously choosing my healing and well-being daily. 

The importance of prioritizing wellness: 

My health and well-being are the foundation for everything! Focusing on it allows me to continue to build my capacity to care for myself and others. It’s why I’m able to meet people where they are and serve others without completely depleting myself. It allows me to meet my child’s needs and not expect him to meet my own. The same goes for my partner, parents, family, friends, clients, and everyone else. 

My advice for new mothers: 

Help and support are necessary, and people WANT to be there for you. Let them clean your house, cook for you, do your laundry and dishes, watch your other kids, and walk your dog so that you can focus on yourself and your sweet babe. You are exactly what your baby needs. You’re doing a great job. I’m proud of you. If you need a mom friend, I’m here. 

By Lucy Modzelewski

Photo by Laramie Wheeler