Family/Surgical Nurse Practitioner


A beautifully blended family: 

I have a partner, and we have a beautiful extended family. I have two young adult children, and he has three children. Between the two of us, we have three boys and two girls. My young adults are 27 and 25, we love the movies together, and now my daughter and I are enjoying church on Sundays with brunch afterward. My daughter is finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and my son is still figuring out his life. My extended family includes a 17-year-old, a 10-year-old, and a spunky seven-year-old. They are busy with after-school extracurricular activities like karate, basketball, and ballet. 

Motherhood rewards & challenges: 

Even though my children have grown up, I still enjoy providing much-needed guidance, advice, and encouragement as they journey through life. I love being a mother because you eventually get to see your children recall what you have tried to teach them and instill in them. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed upon me. The biggest challenge is not being able to take away all the challenges your children have to deal with in life. It is also challenging sometimes to make time for all the responsibilities of motherhood, along with work and finding time for yourself. 

Balancing motherhood & fitness: 

I started working out seventeen years ago when my oldest was in fourth grade. I usually worked out while my children were at school, primarily in the morning, which generally worked out for me. It was always important to stay active and fit. 

How I stay active: 

I currently work out with a personal trainer twice weekly, mostly performing functional weight training, CrossFit, and boot camp activities. I recently started cycling about three years ago, initially with my partner, occasionally solo just a few miles in the neighborhood. I eventually started riding with Black Girls Do Bike and joined Major Taylor Cycling Club in 2022. I found myself cycling at least three to four times weekly. I started traveling with the clubs to ride on different cycling adventures and participated in winter and summer training to improve my cycling agility. My longest ride to date has been 62 miles, and it was a challenge with the heat. I am currently working with Iron Tribe Memphis to add to my fitness goals. 

My fitness goals: 

I hope to continue my cycling journey this year and add to my strengthening journey with Iron Tribe Fitness. This year, I aim to ride stronger and be consistent with my workouts. 

The importance of prioritizing wellness: 

It has always been important to me to prioritize fitness, especially as I get older; maintaining my health is vital. As a nurse practitioner, I also want to role model the same behaviors that I encourage my patients to follow. 

My advice for new mothers: 

I would say make time for yourself. It is sometimes difficult when your children are young to find time for your own needs. I say make it a priority to find ways to be physically and mentally active. 

By Lucy Modzelewski

Photo by Laramie Wheeler