Nashville native Miriam Boutte, 34, has spent most of her career working in management, specifically health service administration within the nonprofit sector. Currently, Miriam is pursuing her dreams in entrepreneurship with her new business, The Picky Farmer, which launched last month.

A meal delivery service to the Greater Memphis Area, The Picky Farmer offers fresh, nutritionally balanced meals for children under the age of four. The meals come in a variety of different forms—purees, finger food, entrée bowls, and full course meals. Thoughtfully prepared, these meals are made with the freshest, locally-sourced, seasonal, organic ingredients, ensuring that the maximum amount of nutrition remains in the food. In addition, all meals are free of chemicals, preservatives, and additives of any kind.

Where It All Began

The inspiration for The Picky Farmer came when Miriam noticed the lack of fresh, nutrient-dense, preservative-free, baby and toddler food options available to her now 20-month-old son. Disappointed, she often wondered if other mothers felt the same way. Over time, she began to see there were numerous Memphis moms who shared in her frustration. Realizing there was a market for nutrient-dense baby and toddler food, The Picky Farmer was born! 

The choice of name for her business is significant. Growing up, Miriam says she was definitely a picky eater. As an adult, she continues to be picky, but in a different way. Choosing food based on not only taste but also quality and nutritional value is something in which Miriam takes pride, in both her personal life and her business. Miriam says, “At The Picky Farmer we are picky about knowing where our food has been sourced.” It is of utmost importance that all meals be certified organic and chemical free. 

Moving Forward

When asked about advice to those interested in starting a business, Miriam accredits the success of The Picky Farmer to three facets. First, her mentors. She advises all potential entrepreneurs to seek out successful mentors within the field of business in which you are trying to grow. Second, her receptiveness to others. Customer satisfaction is key and that involves being open to both constructive criticism and positive feedback. Third, a support system. Miriam says, “Be sure to surround yourself with individuals who both support you and believe in you and your goals.”

In addition to her professional work, Miriam is a wife to Nathaniel Boutte and mom to an eight-year-old bonus daughter and a 20-month-old son. When not working, Miriam enjoys cooking, bonsai gardening, reading, dancing, and serving at Highland Church of Christ. 

For service inquiry and more information, visit or reach out to or 901.512.2416.


By Halle Griggs

Photo by JoLaura Bell