HAPPY NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH! This annual campaign sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics occurs during the month of March. It enhances awareness about the benefits of balanced eating and movement on overall health. It also highlights Registered Dietitians as the nutrition experts (continue reading for more information on academic requirements for becoming a Registered Dietitian). 

This year’s National Nutrition Month theme is “Fuel for the Future.” This theme encourages fueling our bodies and investing in our future selves. Consuming a variety of nutrients from a variety of foods can be beneficial to our overall health, and it can help to prevent certain chronic conditions. Often, the messages we receive from the diet industry, advertisements, and social media are messages of restriction (what not to eat, how to reduce portion sizes, how to limit calories, etc.). This is rarely helpful long-term and can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Instead, when we focus on what to add, we allow ourselves the opportunity to properly fuel our bodies with the nutrition needed for optimal health, improved energy, and more. If, for example, we find that we are eating virtually the same foods each day, we may explore a new food. Nutrient profiles of foods vary. It’s also possible we are not consuming enough fiber or omega-3 fatty acids. Maybe we decide to add ground flaxseed to our smoothies or spinach to our sandwiches. The opportunities are endless, and this process will look different for everyone. Food preferences and our schedules vary. 

During National Nutrition Month, we can slow down and refocus some of our energy to ensure our body gets the nourishment it needs. When sifting through nutrition information, consider the source. Registered Dietitians have earned a degree from an ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics) accredited program, passed a national examination (the Commission on Dietetic Registration exam), completed over 1,200 hours of supervised practice experience, and received extensive training in medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling. They practice in areas such as hospitals, outpatient medical facilities, extended care facilities, universities, school systems, food service management, and private practice. Seventy-five continuing education credits (CEUs) must be completed every five years to maintain the Registered Dietitian (RD) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential. 

You may now be wondering about the term “nutritionist”. Some states regulate the use of this term, while others do not. A nutritionist in one state may have obtained an accredited certification, while a nutritionist in another state may simply have an interest in nutrition. 

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