John Albright, 59

Being in shape helps me physically and with the mental challenges of running my own real estate business (Albright Investments) at an older age.

After racquetball and some weights, we do the stationary bike and rowing workouts at the max temp (130F) at HOTWORX.

Since joining HOTWORX, it’s helped curb my dinner appetite because I’m not as hungry after working out. That’s helped keep off weight.

I like to compete whether it is racquetball, playing golf, or Mike pushing me at HOTWORX…I still like to keep score!

I’m pleased that I can run pain free and do most things I have always done.

Mike DeAngelis, 66

John and I are a part of a racquetball group that’s been playing together for over 20 years. 

Maintaining my self-esteem and being single keeps me motivated to work out!

I stay injury free by stretching and loosening up prior to any exercise.

It’s a good feeling to be healthy and in decent shape at this age and still maintain some muscle tone.

I am more conscious now of how I eat as opposed to eating anything and everything in my 30s.

Photo by Tindall Stephens