Every brain is different, and that’s why NeuroSource in Cordova offers various options for helping patients with depression. The latest modality to join their repertoire is Ketamine, an FDA-approved anesthetic that induces deep relaxation and transformative, visual phenomena-rich experiences.

Commonly referred to as the “miracle drug,” Ketamine is an entheogen that helps people dissociate from the ego to move beyond self-defeating thoughts and develop new thought patterns linked to feeling a connection with the universe. “The goal is to habituate unitive experience. When you feel more united and whole, you are more connected to the emotions of love, joy, and peace.” The experience begins with a free consultation with Epigenetics Coach and Neurofeedback Provider, Lee Ann Foster, MS.

After the consultation, if you decide Ketamine is right for you, an assessment including 3D brain mapping, psychological screening, and an in-depth discussion about your intentions, goals, and medical history is conducted. “Many factors can cause depression,” explains Neuropsychologist Dr. Dale S. Foster, Ph.D. “We can look specifically at your epigenetics to see what is causing yours.” External seasonal factors such as sunlight deficiency, physical stagnancy, diet, and metabolism, for instance, can be addressed through other modalities such as brain training, physical exercise, or even medication.

However, those struggling to move past traumatic developmental experiences may benefit from Ketamine. “Trauma breaks us down, and the unitive experience induced through Ketamine can help put us back together.” The plan typically includes a series of 90-minute sessions spaced within a relatively short time frame to prevent relapsing. “We’ve seen a clear indication towards optimizing the brain based on EEG evaluation.” Ketamine functions by temporarily disrupting the brain’s Default Mode Network, a pattern of activity that enfolds and encases our personalities.

These traits begin forming in the womb, programmed by genetics and environment at an early age to create a fixed, internal self-perception that interacts with the external world. “When this gets shut down, we can perceive more options by dissociating from normal patterned thinking.” Ketamine’s high effectiveness is due to its natural composition and available receptors intrinsic to the brain. Patients can undergo sessions with Neurofeedback and receive real-time brain scan displays.

A lot of the work with this treatment comes through integration. Sessions end with talk therapy to guide patients through assimilating the trance-like experience into their conscious, waking lives. One of the most important habits Dr. Dale recommends for winter is maintaining social activity, explaining how we tend to isolate ourselves more during the colder months. “That is one less source of joy and fun we need to experience daily. If we start to have a deficit, it builds up. So we need to move not just the body— but emotions— every day. By allowing ourselves to feel love and peace in this capacity, we are habituating unitive experience.”

To learn more about Ketamine or to schedule your free telephone consultation, call 901.624.0100, or visit them at Neurosource.net.

By Shlomit Ovadia