47; Pilates instructor for 20 years and founder/owner/teacher at Core Collective Broad

Jenna Goode discovered Pilates in college while working the front desk at a Charleston, South Carolina studio. Though intrigued, she initially found the method and equipment quite intimidating. After mustering up the courage to start practicing, she almost immediately found the deep connection she has to this unique whole-body and mindful approach to exercise, which has since become her career. 

After falling in love with the practice of Pilates, Jenna completed a 700-hour Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program and began teaching. After teaching for several years, she took the next step in her Pilates career by taking the Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher exam and gaining NCPT accreditation. To maintain the NCPT, Jenna completes an additional 16 hours of training every two years, which she accomplishes by attending workshops and conferences. “I think every good teacher keeps an ‘always learning’ mindset,” she says.

Jenna opened Core Collective Broad to bring a welcoming and supportive Pilates movement to the Memphis community. Not only is Core Collective Broad fully equipped with Reformers, Exo chairs, Spring Board/Towers, Cadillacs, and smaller Pilates equipment, but they also have a gym with conventional weights, machines, a treadmill, a Peloton, and a patio space for their members. “We seek to strike a balance between the athletic and the therapeutic components of Pilates to meet our clients where they are in their movement practice,” Jenna says. They offer multi-leveled small group sessions but bend towards more athletic programming, while their private sessions are tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals. Most CCB classes are in the Reformer studio and are full-body workouts focusing on the core. In addition, they also offer mat, chair, and tower classes for variety and to provide new challenges. 

Jenna feels most inspired by watching her students develop a love for mindful movement and using it as a tool to empower their wellness. “Being told by a student that she felt welcomed at CCB, she didn’t feel intimidated and looks forward to classes now that she feels all the positive changes from her dedicated, consistent practice — hearing that feedback is truly my ‘why,’” Jenna reflects.

Lisa Street, a student at CCB for over five years, loves the studio space, instructors, class schedule, and the positive energy of the community. “Having a background in dance and yoga, at 51, Pilates has given me even more core strength, which is so important for maintaining the mobility of my younger self!” Lisa says. 

In addition to her passion for Pilates and fostering the CCB community, Jenna is a mom of three who loves spending time with her family, traveling, and spending time outdoors. In the future, Jenna hopes to continue to expand the CCB reach by continuing to improve and expand their teacher training program, service options, and partners in wellness. “Overall, I want to empower wellness through movement so that more people can experience the benefits, joy, and freedom of Pilates,” Jenna says. 

Keep up with Core Collective Broad and stay tuned for exciting opportunities through their class schedule, teacher training, and future retreats at Corecollectivebroad.com or on Instagram @corecollectivebroad.